Minecraft: Dungeons Get Season Pass with DLC Next Month

Hack and Slash “n” Mine “n” Crafter Minecraft: Dungeons are all ready for winter climbing. Howling Peaks, the next DLC for block-shaped dungeon divers, will begin the expedition in just over two weeks. With new villains and bosses, it’s not just dizziness to watch out for. But Mojang also packed a new season pass into his backpack. This is for a square-headed adventurer who hasn’t come across the boundaries of the DLC quest.

Howling Peaks was already given a few showcases a few weeks ago at a demonstration of a subsequent cross-platform multiplayer update in the Mins Dungeon. That feature arrived last week, but it will take a few more years to reach its peak in earnest.

You can’t put off the future of mountaineering just by biting the cold. Howling Peaks provides a roster of fresh demons accustomed to the creepy air. Scall golems, mountaineers, brute force goats, and the big bad tempest golems at the top. Minecraft Dungeons Twitter page.. Of course, they’re defending a pile of new weapons and equipment, but Mojang also notes that there are six free new enchantments for people, whether or not they get DLC.

Howling Peaks already seems to be stepping on the matte toes of creeping winter a bit, but Minecraft Dungeons isn’t taking advantage of the new voxelized dungeon crawls. Developers are planning three more DLC packs following Howling Peak. If you want to check everything from the list at once, you can get a lot with the new Season Pass.

The pass will be published with Howling Peaks on December 9th and both can be picked up at the Minecraft Dungeons store.

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Minecraft: Dungeons ascends the Howling Peaks with next month’s season pass

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