Minecraft Dungeons has seasons, battle passes and more

Minecraft Dungeons, a hack and slash dungeon crawl Minecraft spin-off, will be getting more new content later this year. More content will be added.

“Heroes, adventure continues!” At this year’s Minecon Live, we announced the official Minecraft Dungeons Twitter account. “Seasonal adventures are coming to the dungeon! Advance a whole new progression system to win pets, flares, emotes and skins!”

There is also a free free Battle Pass track that unlocks various currencies in the game, so you can get different items without jumping into the Premium Pass. At the time of writing, it’s not clear how expensive the Battle Pass will be.

And that’s not all! In addition to the new Season Pass, Mojang and Double Eleven have announced a new “Tower” challenge. This is a new free challenge mode where you can perform tasks to clear 30 levels filled with various NPCs, bosses, mobs and more. The tower changes every two weeks, and more new challenges are available. You can also advance the Battle Pass by playing this mode.

The first season, The Cloudy Climb, landed in December this year, and Mojang promised to continue to “more” in the title.

Minecraft Dungeons was launched for PC, Switch, PS4 and Xbox One in May 2020 and has sold over 10 million copies to date before it hit the Xbox Series X / S. The dungeon crawler is also set to get its own arcade cabinet at some point.

The news was announced at Minecon Live over the weekend. We also found that Minecraft appeared on Game Pass PCs in a bundle that included both Java and Bedrock editions, with cross-play enabled on Windows 10 and Windows 11. And the console.

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