Minecraft glare mob warns about the darkness that spawns monsters

Coming soon Minecraft Live 2021In other words, you will be able to vote again for future features you want to see in the game. There’s another mob vote this year, with Mojang developers slowly revealing three candidates in a week. First, it has glare.

Glares are small green mobs that basically look like a pair of eyes hiding in a floating bush. When it is added to the game, it will fly into those dark areas and warn of dark areas enough for the monster to spawn by throwing a very adorable little fit. This is useful if you have a hard time determining which area of ​​darkness is the monster’s spawner.

Two other potential options for this year’s mob vote will be revealed this week, ahead of Minecon Live on Saturday, October 16th. The winner of last year’s mob vote was Glow squid.. The developers eventually added (or at least plan to add) all the options to the game from the old biome polls, but there is no such guarantee for mob votes.

Check out the glare teaser below.

One brave Mine Craft modder has put together mods that show what glare looks like in the game.

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At this weekend’s event, you’ll get another big look at Part 2 of the caves and cliffs. Release date of Minecraft 1.18..

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