Minecraft Megastar admits cheating after months of denial and death threats.

Over the years, many YouTubers and streamers have tried to deny allegations of fraud, but by the end of 2020, Mine Craft Sensation Dream got the cake by participating in a war of statistical reports full of graphs and lots of math. Mine Craft Speedrun moderator Someone who thinks it is impossible to run. But during the long weekend, he suddenly confessed.

Dream is 21 years old with the same name Mine Craft Role-playing mega server Dream SMPWill also feature Twitch stars such as TommyInnit, GeorgeNotFound, and Tubbo.He will be in 2020 High stake “Man Hunt” YouTube series That made him a world-class into Mine Craft Fans closed the year by violently denying allegations of fraud resulting from a series of controversial speedruns at the end of last year. Six months later, on May 30, he He admitted that he had actually cheated, but immediately added that it was a coincidence.

“I finally, I Had In fact, I used unauthorized changes during up to six live streams on Twitch, “Dream writes. Posts of Pastebin deleted afterwards“At that time, we were just starting to record video. [Minecraft version] 1.16, and since I and George had no mod experience with plugins alone, I just hired a developer to help me code the mods for the video. One of the mods they were working on was the overall recording mod, which has been used in all videos (including updates and improvements) since the speedrun controversy. “

this Mine Craft The changes continued to insist on Dreams, increasing the spawn rate of key enemies and items: Enderman and Ender Pearl, and reducing boring farming in other non-speedrun videos. According to the Dream version of the event, he found that the mod was actually active during the December speedrun, even though he initially thought it wasn’t.

“When the drama first started, I defended myself and was more concerned about doing the right thing. [than] I shot my foot trying to figure out what was really going on, “Dream wrote on Sunday.” I felt really scared. [Minecraft speedrunning community] The mod was almost right, but I dragged it into the mud. “

Back in December, dream Reacted To Mine Craft The speedrun moderator of the community is Mine Craft 1.16 He claimed to be innocent and performed “too unlikely to verify” by condemning the investigation of multiple runs (and Page 29 Statistical analysis) I drew that conclusion. He then posted the deleted video response. A 19-page report allegedly written by Harvard statistician and astrophysicist practitioner Eventually, Dream came to the conclusion that he was lucky. despite this, Mine Craft The speedrun mod team’s initial estimate is a 1 in 7.5 trillion chance that anyone can get the luck that Dream did in multiple runs. So of course Mine Craft The speedrun mod team argued that: Unique yet another statistical analysis, Because how else do you win the statistical war?

“Despite these issues in favor of Dream, the author indicates that it may still suggest that Dream was using a modified game.” Mine Craft The speedrun mod team concluded at that point. “Therefore, our conclusion remains the same.”

This exchange resulted in months of quarrels and uncertainties, and enthusiastic dream fans harassed their opponents in large numbers. On Sunday, Dream said he regretted everything and apologized.

“I think the overall situation was very silly for everyone involved. It was the worst few weeks of my life, but it still affects me every day, so go back and do something else. “I want to,” he writes. “I’m sorry for those who disappointed or disappointed.”

He further pointed out that His fan base tends to prefer murder threats, He didn’t just quietly runaway them. “Someone has told people that I deny hatred and harm and don’t hate others, specifically screaming and pushing it on Twitter, livestreams, videos and podcasts. You need to make a compilation of. The story that I made it happen. ”Dream Said on twitter..

But, of course, that wasn’t the end. He was surprised by critics that it took Dream six months to confess as fans flocked to angry people, he said last night. 2-hour Twitch stream Meanwhile, he dealt with the situation further and opposed the criticism.

In a stream that recorded over 200,000 simultaneous viewers, he said, “Don’t trust my achievements,” in response to the idea that this controversy was the reason for his popularity. Using it to say, “He has gained 25 million subscribers since he became a scammer,” is like no, no. “

He’s probably right at that point, as the rise of the dream began before the speedrun record. Mine Craft YouTube’s “Manhunt” series, and finally Dream SMP, took him a step further. The important thing is that it happened quickly. Dream created a breakout sensation in 2020, reaching millions of followers in just a few months from an unnamed nameless state. By the end of 2020, he had nearly 15 million YouTube subscribers and nearly 3 million Twitch followers.

Then he dropped the ball. The question at this stage of the online era, too, is how to clean up the mess. Creators have absolute responsibility to their viewers, but at this point, they’ve grown to unimaginable sizes overnight and are spread across multiple diffusion platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, and TikTok. Sometimes it’s worth asking how much control you really have. A consistent mechanism for managing millions of rules or results.

These platforms put immense pressure on creators, just as they are a terrifying place for viewers to recognize that they are crossing the boundaries of the number of football fields. Immediately enter defensive posture— And when it’s time to face the music, it’s a simple out. While Dream was on Twitch, the chat flowed at a dazzling rate with messages such as “WE LOVE YOU” and “People are mean and jealous.” The dream still claims that he made a mistake, but seems to nourish that energy, and some of his critics say, “I want to hear what they want to hear,” he said. “Operational” and “terrible person.”

“I know I’m a good person,” Dream said at the end of the stream. “If you think I’m not, I don’t care.”

Other streamers and YouTubers have shown similar audience reactions. Much more I doubt it ThingThis is a pattern that will be repeated in the near future as long as the platform is working. This turned some streamers inward.

“Sometimes when streamers come here and confess the murder, most of their community swear they’ll be like,’OK, you’re right,'” said Twitch partner Corskating. Said On Twitter. “I think this is something to watch out for as a streamer. Your community is probably full of people who support you unconditionally, which means they don’t always give you the best advice. Hmm. Don’t just surround yourself with “Jesusman”. “

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