Minecraft player reproduces Everest on a 1: 1 scale

Games have always provided a virtual tourism platform, but the sense of freedom they offer is more welcomed this year than ever before. The last 12 months have featured imprisonment. The world is still working on a pandemic, so we are self-reliant in the house and have a strange opportunity to jump out.

Minecraft has been proven again, especially as it has proven to be an excellent means of virtual tourism. One streamer rebuilt Everest on a 1: 1 scale in Mojan’s architectural game and climbed himself. G0ularte explains on Reddit that he started by downloading the mod pack for the Build The Earth project. If you haven’t heard of it, Minecraft is trying to recreate the whole world on a 1: 1 scale.

Content creators then used mods to provide a world that is producing unlimited height and depth. Finally, he used another mod that leverages public online datasets to create Earth’s structure and features in Minecraft without the use of unfamiliar blocks and biomes on a 1: 1 scale. G0ularte doesn’t provide a map download link, but you can use these three mods to recreate your work yourself.

People lined up to ask streamers why it took only four hours to climb Everest, which can take up to two months in real life. The answer, very simply, is that Minecraft Steve is inhuman. He can recharge the mountains without resting, acclimatizing, or waiting for good weather.

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