Minecraft reaches 140 million monthly users and has generated over $ 350 million so far

Minecraft showed no signs of slowing, and Microsoft revealed in its April 2021 earnings announcement that monthly active users of popular sandbox games increased by 30% year-on-year. The title has reached about 140 million users so far.

This latest number is from a new fact sheet published by Microsoft. This includes a number of milestones beyond Minecraft, including more than $ 350 million to date through the sale of mods, add-on content and other experiences. Microsoft also noted that Minecraft has sold more than 238 million copies in almost every country and region of the world so far. This includes Antarctica and the Vatican City.

Other statistics show that players downloading 1 billion content from the Minecraft Marketplace, the average player in North America and Europe is 27 years old, and more than half of children aged 9-11 on the same continent play the game. Includes that. Furthermore, 90% of online users in the United States “know the Minecraft brand.” It was also the most watched game on YouTube in 2020, with over 200 billion views.

The Education Edition also has some statistics. For example, 35 million students and teachers use the game in 115 countries. According to Microsoft, Minecraft: Education Edition has a 150% year-on-year increase in player numbers.

In other Minecraft news, the scope of future Caves & Cliffs extensions has expanded, and developer Mojang has split it into two parts. Part 1 arrives this summer and Part 2 contains much larger changes and is scheduled for the holidays.

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