Minecraft reveals that three new mob players can vote

With the upcoming Minecraft Live event coming soon, Minecraft players will soon be able to vote and decide which mobs to add to the game next. As we’ve seen over the last few years, the mobs to be voted on have been revealed one by one for the upcoming event on October 16th. The three mobs are Glare, Allay, and Copper Golem. You can learn more about new creatures thanks to several video previews and detailed information on each.

Minecraft players will not be able to vote yet, as the opportunity will only start on Saturday in Minecraft Live, but before the event you can see the details of each additional appointment below.


Despite its appearance, Glare is a mob who fears darkness. Help the player by alerting the player to potentially dangerous situations in which the monster may spawn. According to the mob preview, it jumps into the dark areas where the cave player may be and begins to “throw a hissie fit”. If you see it behaving that way, you’ll see that you’re in an area where monsters can spawn.


The next mob to vote for is Allay, who is devoted to music. This is a creature that also has its own way of helping the player. When you give an item to Allay, the item leaks and tries to collect more items of the same type. Mojang said the item in question could be a collectible, something you created, or a block you mined, so this mob seems to have a lot of uses for it. If you plant a note block somewhere nearby, it’s part of the music, so you’ll know exactly where to drop the items collected by the mob.

Copper golem

At the end of the new mob trio is a copper golem that players can actually build using the new copper resources added to the game as part of the first Caves & Cliffs update. The creator said that this mechanical piece loves to push the copper button. This is a new feature that will be added to the game even if the copper golem wins the vote. This creature looks a bit less practical than the other two on the surface, but it’s still interesting because it basically steers itself in a button-push frenzy.

Minecraft Live will start on October 16th, so expect voting to start during the event.

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