Minecraft’s “Feed the Beast” modpack has ruined a standard game for me

I have seen the light of heaven and it is Mine Craft Packed with over 100 mods.

I enter with my friends Mine Craft Several times a year.We usually ask someone to host a server on their computer and play basic vanilla Mine Craft About a week before getting bored. Due to the complexity of setting up and self-hosting modded servers, I’ve never played with heavy mods other than Pixelmon. We wanted to get in after seeing the streamer pack play with Feed the Beast Revelation modpack.

Feed the Beast modpack is usually a bundle of mods with a theme. There are “Skyfactory” modpacks for high tech and automation, “Academy” modpacks for beginners and more. Revelation is a huge, themeless modpack that hosts a large number of mods.

Unfortunately, Feed the Beast Revelation was quite difficult on some PCs, so I had to use the smaller and older pack Infinity Evolved.After testing the body of water with server hosting, we decided to suck it up and do something for adults: a dedicated purchase Mine Craft server. (I understand that a group of adults in their mid-20s should be able to earn a few dollars to pay a dedicated fee Mine Craft It’s a server, but for some reason we’ve all rejected it. We are a degenerated lazy group, I know. )

Image: Mojang / FTB team via Polygon

I was immediately overwhelmed. A friend of mine got off to a good start and built a huge green unfamiliar portal and a large stone forging on our spawn.This was far from the basics Mine Craft We all knew and loved it, but it was an exciting part. I didn’t know what to expect.

After learning that the menacing green portal was going to the mining biome (monster-free dimension), I built a house in that safe zone and immediately began collecting resources. A friend of mine returned from my quiet biome to his sinister forge and taught me how to make some special tools, including my new favorite, the hammer.

Let me tell you guys: I won’t play anymore Mine Craft Without this hammer. Using this hammer as a block also destroys the surrounding eight blocks, making it a very fast mining tool.If you give me a basic vanilla pickaxe Mine Craft, My fingers quickly crumble into dust. I can’t live without this hammer, or a sister tool that does something similar (such as an ax that cuts down an entire tree when hitting a block).

Minecraft hammer gif destroying several stone blocks at once

Image: Mojang / FTB team via Polygon

And there are many more modpacks.There is furniture to make a beautiful house as if you were playing Sims.. There are more agricultural and crop options. One companion started growing hemp as a joke, but it became a witty way to plow the strings. Another friend learned how to program a turtle to mine diamonds.

Exploration is also much easier, thanks to a convenient map that always appears in the corners of the screen. You can also place waypoints around the map to note the specific area you want to return to. Nothing beats zooming a map or cutting down a tree with a single swing of a modified ax without dealing with the fear of getting lost forever in a vast area. Mine Craft wilderness.

There’s a lot to do, from minimal quality of life changes to new creatures and materials Mine Craft Now it’s more than just building a house and taking out the ender dragon. And like magic and botany, there are still a lot of mods in the packs I can put in. But for now, I’m just exploring the map, not afraid of what I’ll come across.

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