Minecraft’s new snapshot means “snow is more snowy”

If you’re a Minecraft fan, you know that the first cave and cliff snapshot (20w45a) of the sandbox game was released last week for players to test. Mojang is now launching a follow-up Java update to see if it modifies “most of the textures introduced in the previous snapshot” to improve the build and exploration experience. Looking at the developer release notes, these changes make Minecraft’s winter wonderland even more winter wonderland. This is because “snow is more snowy than it is now.”

“Sorry, we need to grind the snow-snapshot 20w46a is out!” The studio announced in the block-building game subreddit, adding that “snow is more snowy than it is now.” Keep in mind that these changes can be undone or readjusted at some point. In the studio, the snapshot note mentions the addition of powder snow.

This is a “trap block that sinks something inside” that you can use a bucket to scoop up, plunge into, or put the cauldron outside to collect when it’s snowing. What is the answer to avoid this trap? Please wear leather boots.

According to Mojang, there is also a freeze factor. When frozen, it takes freeze damage every few seconds as it becomes more like an ice lolly, such as “Standing in powder snow freezes the entity.” Brrr. Again, wearing leather helps prevent this effect, but the full set provides complete protection from the cold.

See the full text of the Minecraft Snapshot 20w46a note below.

I’m sorry, I need to dust the snow – snapshot 20w46a is out! From Minecraft

On the other hand, if you’re a fan of whimsical block builders, check out Minecraft mods, Minecraft seeds, and Minecraft skin guides for useful tips. If you’re talking about powder snow, check out Minecraft’s Blast Furnace Guide. I felt a little chilly.

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