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Minister VTA2021 promises access system overhaul

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The government is struggling with demand as productivity gains are begging

Ben Carroll

Victoria’s Road and Road Safety Minister Ben Carroll reforms Victoria’s access system by establishing funding with the Heavy Vehicle Advisory Committee as Victoria’s access system is opposed and under industry scrutiny. I promise that.

At the Victorian Transport Association (VTA) meeting, Carol Note for the past two years has seen a surge in permit applications from 14,000 to 18,000 per year.

“We saw a significant increase and a significant combination in Victoria’s road network,” he says.

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) has revealed that approximately 94% of heavy vehicle permits are approved. This is “a classic example of why we need to reduce red tape and take advantage of every opportunity to support our operators.” Carol adds.

“I am very enthusiastic about ensuring that we reform and innovate. In my background of justice, I always want to bring an evidence-based approach to the role at hand.

“That 94% number-workload, process, what it means, and I know what it means.

“”[VTA CEO] Peter Anderson was also in my ears [NHVR CEO] Sal Petroccitto explains what it means to reduce bureaucratic formalism and make things a little easier.

“We want better and easier access to the road network.

“We want to be able to prioritize the routes where cargo is most concentrated.”

Carroll argued that over the past six months, the Department of Transport (DoT) has developed a “work program” to address many of the issues raised, especially through a ministerial forum that incorporates considerable VTA opinion. I am.

“I want to complete a new work program that supports VTA on behalf of all members,” he says.

“I invited VTAs and stakeholders to the new Heavy Vehicle Advisory Board.

“I don’t want to say it’s bureaucracy, because it’s about getting your voice to the ministerial level table and making significant changes through it.

“I want to be a true partnership between industries, governments and communities that leverages your expertise so that less while the road network is more congested. You can work hard to get started with that task and do more.

“We are confident that we can work together to unleash the productivity of a new round.”

Learn more about testing the NHVR Fatigue Technology Framework

To support the process, Carroll promises $ 2.8 million to fund a structural assessment to expand the network to oversized OSOM vehicles.

“It’s important to make more productive freight vehicles more widespread, not only to increase efficiency, but also to reduce emissions,” Carroll said, reducing emissions to zero by 2050. Pointed out legal goals.

Later in the meeting, the shadow Victorian port and freight minister, Rome Britner, pointed out an exorbitant bridge assessment as part of the permitting process and called the Victoria State Government a drag on reforming the unfair system. I blamed you.

“When you look at these HPV vehicles that add value to your customers through cost savings, why are you getting $ 1,200 to $ 55,000 in permits only in Victoria?”

“I wrote to him [Carroll] Five months ago, it was co-signed by key people in the industry. He doesn’t bother to reply to me.

“Do you say that [to operators] Do you care?

“People can’t afford to pay thousands of dollars for a bridge valuation. Bridge valuations don’t really change from valuation to valuation if there is only a few millimeters difference between vehicles.

“You’re just making money from people, it’s not actually repairing the bridge.

“I later raised this in Congress [with no response].. “

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Minister VTA2021 promises access system overhaul Minister VTA2021 promises access system overhaul

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