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Ministry of Sport issues SOP for hosting sporting events in the country within the COVID-19 pandemic

With the aim of resuming sporting events in the coming months, the Ministry of Sport has established a standard operating procedure (SOP) that allows 50% attendance at the venue, while stipulating the formation of the COVID-19 Task Force by the organizers of each competition. ) Has been issued. A letter issued by the Ministry of Sports on Saturday stated that the guidelines were developed in consultation with all stakeholders and that “competitions should be conducted in strict accordance with the Ministry of Interior (MHA) guidelines.”

“The COVID Task Force is organized by the Organizing Committee for each sport competition and shall guide and monitor all athletes and athlete support personnel (ASP). This task force shall be in this SOP and in other directions. Responsible for the overall implementation of the protocol overview published in. MHA and the Ministry of Health from time to time. ”

The Task Force is also responsible for strictly regulating and monitoring the movement of athletes and ASPs.

“Audiences at sporting events will follow guidelines issued by the Ministry of Interior. For outdoor events, spectators are allowed up to 50% of the stadium’s total capacity,” he said.

“CCTV monitoring may be planned for larger events to detect overcrowding at entrance and exit gates and seating areas.”

It is said that the sporting event may be resumed, but the final call is left to the relevant local government.

“The order of the local government does not prohibit the resumption of operation of such facilities, namely the micro-containment zone, and acts as a safety guideline for holding sports competitions in accordance with other guidelines issued by the state government. If you are aiming for, the sports competition can be resumed. We will give you such permission. ”

In addition to adhering to the proper behavior of COVID-19, such as regular hand disinfection, wearing a face mask, physical distance, breathing etiquette, installing the Aaroghya Setu app, the most notable point of the SOP is COVID. -19 Task force formation and limitation. About attendance of the audience.

All athletes and ASPs must undergo a heat screening upon entry into the venue.

“Depending on risk awareness and the size of the event, the Organizing Committee may consider conducting an RT-PCR test of athletes and ASPs at least 72 hours before the event. RT-PCT report is negative. Only people can participate. The SOP also prohibits athletes and ASPs living in the containment zone from participating in the competition.

The SOP also prohibits all high-risk ASPs from directly mixing with athletes, coaches and other employees.

“High-risk ASPs, that is, older people, pregnant women, and ASPs with underlying illnesses need to take special precautions. The front line that requires direct contact with other athletes / coaches / employees. It is desirable not to be exposed to the work of. ”

The guidelines also stipulate support staff who do not need a physical presence to work from home through “telework / video conferencing”.

The SOP also stipulates disinfection of common contact surfaces, areas, and equipment.

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Ministry of Sport issues SOP for hosting sporting events in the country within the COVID-19 pandemic Ministry of Sport issues SOP for hosting sporting events in the country within the COVID-19 pandemic

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