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Don’t argue about it: things This year’s defense is ugly.. Mike Zimmer’s beloved group has long been a strength of Minnesota. In 2020, the exact opposite was true. Perhaps the most important task when Minnesota enters the off-season is finding a solution. Minnesota’s unfriendly coach is losing sleep somewhere on Zimmerridge Ranch trying to find this elusive, but very important solution. Often overlooked, one of the moves Minnesota Vikings should do is to re-sign linebacker Todd Davis. He is part of the solution.

Fits Todd Davis and Minnesota Vikings

Linebackers will be a Viking strength as the season begins. Unfortunately, the injured bug has grown into an injured monster. Therefore, the Minnesota Viking roster was in a difficult position, especially when it comes to defense.

Davis was asked to do more than reasonable. In an ideal world, Davis is the team’s # 3 or # 4 linebacker and can take part in early down as a tough, physical run-first linebacker. The Vikings knew this, but what should they have done? They lost Anthony Barr, Eric Kendricks, Ben Gedeon and Cameron Smith. Davis was forced to step up and take on the responsibilities that should have been given to someone else.

I said it before, but it’s worth repeating: the Vikings didn’t really have much Bad player, They had a lot Bad role.. Davis worked pretty well given the role he was in. He’s actually a really good tackler and makes a noticeable difference in land defense.

He eventually played 11 games and started 6 games (injured in the bombardment on Christmas Day). He finished with 35 tackles, a sack and two TFLs. According to PFF, Davis was the best linebacker in Minnesota, except for Kendrix. His 70.2 Rand Defense score is impressive given the linebacker playing beside him and the defensive harness in front of him.

What can Davis do with a perfectly healthy defense around him? The Vikings would be wise to find it.


The Minnesota Vikings were a defensive disaster, but Todd Davis deserves a chance to help revive the sides of Zimmer’s ball. Next season, Davis should have the advantage of being able to play behind / together with Anthony Barr and Eric Kendricks. Bar and Kendricks can do hard work. Davis can be a run-first defender.

Vikings has signed a one-year contract with Davis worth less than $ 1 million September.. It’s even more valuable to Minnesota if he returns with a similar deal. Gideon is no longer on the team, and it’s hard to know how Smith will react after his major surgery. The rookie’s tougher Troy Die may improve, but was drafted due to his ability to defend the path. Perhaps Eric Wilson will be wearing New Jersey next season, so dyes and Davis can play a profound role. Dye is a pass game specialist and Davis is a run stopper.

The Vikings will definitely consider all options when trying to compete in 2021. One of the main things they should do is solidify their depth. Therefore, Todd Davis should be one of the team’s top priorities.

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Minnesota Vikings Need to Resign Todd Davis Minnesota Vikings Need to Resign Todd Davis

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