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Mint Mobile now offers family plans

Mint MobileWireless provider Owned by Ryan Reynolds, Adding new options on Tuesday: Family Plan. Available throughout the plan’s portfolio, this option allows users of the service to manage multiple lines with one account instead of requiring a separate account for each individual phone.

The company does not offer special discounts for adding lines, but family planners can purchase additional monthly services at a discounted rate. The Prepaid carrier Provides the ability to purchase services in 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month increments. Prices vary depending on how long you commit.

The benefit of the Family Plan is that you can get an annual price, but you can buy it in three-month increments instead of paying for one year at a time.

Mint says he only needs two lines to qualify for a “Modern Family Plan” and limits the number of lines that can be included in an account to five.

Carriers are expanding their options across all lines of the plan, and each line does not have to have the same plan. Mint’s cheapest monthly plan (12-month rate) starts at $ 15 per line for 4GB of fast data and goes up to $ 30 per line for unlimited data plans. Similar to Verizon and AT & T’s recent family plans, one member may be the cheapest 4GB option and the other may be unlimited.

All carrier plans include unlimited calls and text and can run on 4G LTE or 5G on T-Mobile’s network.

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Mint Mobile now offers family plans Mint Mobile now offers family plans

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