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The mill at Circuit de Barcelona Catalunya last year was strong. He manipulated the tires better than Yamaha’s winner Fabio Quartararo, moved up from 8th on the grid and won 2nd in less than 2 seconds.

However, Mir remained in 10th place in Q2 in Barcelona on Saturday, 0.578 seconds behind Quartararo’s pole time.

Mir now simply explained in qualifying that he couldn’t run fast, and the fact that he lost two positions compared to 2020, despite being two-tenths in Q2, is what Suzuki has done this year. He says it proves that he hasn’t made any progress. I’m confused by the fact that Turn 10 was revised in 2021.

Suzuki expects the race to be the same as in 2020, but says it’s not enough because “this is not a way to win the race.”

“I think we will race again from less to more,” he said.

“This is not a way to win the race, so we must continue to improve.

“Thus, if the race goes well, you can stand on the podium. [the tyre] And make the best rap as always.

“But this year’s competitiveness is so high that we need to continue to improve and push. Many manufacturers have improved, but we haven’t.

“Our bike is really good and has a good base, but I have the same bike as last year.

“That is, I was two-twentieth faster than last year in qualifying and I was eighth last year. This year I am tenth in two-tenths, so I haven’t improved.

“Obviously a lot of people have improved this year and got a good package, but they didn’t, so we need to have more material, test more and improve.”

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Mir admitted that this lack of progress from Suzuki today was “a little worried” and added:

“But the team is working really well, so to be honest, I think we can push more and bring more.

“But that’s not enough. Others may be working harder. If you want to protect the crown, we all have to work harder.”

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Mir of concern says Suzuki has “not improved” its MotoGP bike Mir of concern says Suzuki has “not improved” its MotoGP bike

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