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Mira Josie is on track to lead FMCSA

Between her Nomination hearing To become the next administrator of the Federal Automobile Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), current deputy administrator Meera Joshi was able to provide insights into her stance on some relevant industry issues. rice field. These include driver latency, state drivers between the ages of 18 and 20, and industry-implemented autonomous technologies. Hearings also covered service time flexibility, which is very important to the industry.

Deputy Administrator Joshi acknowledged this unprecedented time in the industry and said: By collecting that information, we will take into account the cargo constraints that our country is currently facing and formulate whether there is a long-term, narrower-tuned solution that we can implement. Should be useful for. “

When asked if he would support a clause that would allow drivers aged 18 to 20 to cross state boundaries, Joshi said: .. “

Joshi further explained that under certain provisions, the law on safety concerns leading to dismissal requires protective measures.

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology was covered later in the hearing in relation to safety and efficiency. When asked how Joshi plans to monitor the evolution of AI from an FMCSA perspective, “Our challenge is to ensure that regulations to keep roads safe are in the AI ​​world. It’s about being reflected. “

Joshi went on to say that he wanted to leave room for innovation, but he always put safety first.

At the TCA annual convention Truckload 2021: Las VegasThe deputy manager girl spoke to attendees through a recorded message. In her speech, she emphasized the Ministry of Transport’s support for trucking and its leadership goals of advocating initiatives to help solve the challenges the industry is currently facing. She showed that commercial vehicles require strong support for safety technologies such as automatic emergency braking, and said that safety is a common goal of both the industry and distributors. She also emphasized continuing conversations with truckers about the needs and concerns of our industry.

The TCA hopes that Deputy Administrator Joshi will be quickly appointed to the role of her perspective as an administrator of FMSCA. Deputy Manager Joshi is an important partner in the trucking segment of the trucking industry and can successfully fill the void left as a result of the peaceful transition of power. TCA looks forward to her final confirmation by the Senate.

Mira Josie is on track to lead FMCSA Mira Josie is on track to lead FMCSA

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