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In a recent Twitch stream, AEW star Milo commented on the AEW World Championship, saying he “sucks” to his fans and needs to return to WWE.

“When the time comes. I said that before. And if I don’t become the AEW champion, I can probably guarantee that I will retire. In fact, I will probably retire. In that sense What do you know? I mean, I’m going to be the AEW champion. “

“First of all, I didn’t think you were part of WWE. Second, you can’t tell me what to do, man. And I’m you that I suck. You’re right, I suck. But do I? That’s your opinion. Share it, scream, write, write, send to AEW, Tony Khan Send to Khan. Send a complaint and say “Milo is no good”. So far, I have about 30,000 letters and fan emails every month to convey my wonder. And if I think I’ll smoke, send it to AEW. I’m sure they will redirect your letter as I collect them. I receive all fan emails, but unfortunately I haven’t received any harassment emails so far. And if you want to be the first one, apply, send it, and I’ll make it reach me. ”

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Miro “guarantees” about his AEW career Miro “guarantees” about his AEW career

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