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Welcome to the latest version of Missed Fists. Here we shed light on the battles around the world that may have been overlooked during the busy times, when MMA shows appear to be held every other day.

There is no gimmick this week. Just the end. Get it.

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Mohammad Wasimko Bandy vs. Faridura Rohani
Ahmed Wari Hotaku vs. Leonardo Barbosa
Zubair Osmani vs Sediqullah Ghaznawi
Hamid-Reza Goripur vs. Kamijat

AL: The Truly Grand Fighting Championship yesterday hosted a humble little show in Kabul, Afghanistan, full of fighters with little or no experience. And you know what that usually means: many people have been injured.

As a good example, Mohammad Washim Kobandi lost his right to attach the triangle to Faridura Rouhani, but decided to work hard on the submission. Rohani will be absolutely brutal. It’s not thanks to the referee who was doing his best to make sure he got to Missed Fists.

JM: It’s one of the worst efforts I’ve seen from the referee. Rouhani is clearly defending with his left arm, so he has stopped doing so. It is the definition of a textbook that no longer protects itself intellectually. What was ref thinking? Did Rouhani decide that he was cool by twisting his face because he had a very important letter to write with his left hand? Just an abominable referee.

AL: At the main event, when Ahmed Wari Hotak (7-1) played against Leonardo Barbosa (18-7), a fighter who actually had a resume appeared.

The end result was a bit competitive, but it’s still suspicious if you look closely at the finish. Hotaku has a good knee, but is it enough to flop on the mat, as Barbosa is in charge of the NBA? I doubt it.

JM: I won’t say much here, but it was a straight dive. If Hotak had bolted Barbosa to a cow product, it would have been an overreaction. Normal knees on the body? There is no explanation I would like to accept other than diving. Or an alien.

AL: Submitted defense is another skill that takes years to develop, and was certainly not on display here because Zubair Osmani couldn’t stop the horrifying neck crank in favor of Sediqullah Ghaznawi.

JM: Sure, it’s not a world-class defense, but I like the sneaky little hook that Gaznawi had on Osmani’s right foot. I let him take full control of his body to take advantage of the crank.

AL: And will a small show full of unseasonable talent be completed without turning your head upside down?

So here Hamid-Reza Goripur is kicking Kamijat upside down.

JM: I’m not going to lie, I was shocked by who the kicker was. He didn’t intend to attack Goripur, but the man seems to have just attended “You can make you rich by turning the house over!” Seminar. We will show you that the world champion of martial arts will appear many times in amazing packages.

AL: As the saying goes, expect something unexpected.And now is the time sprocket When we dance.

JM: Remember when that guy does this never back down And Then cool with the first punch?? Great movie.

George Shakrula Mazanov vs. Ali Dikaev
Fereydun Odylov vs. Sergei Karinin
Mansur Malakiev vs. Ruslan Sariev
Dini Slam Kamavov vs. Alexander Schwabski

AL: Earlier this week, Georgia Shakhruramazanov Stupid spin kick KO Aridikaev at the Eagle Fighting Championship 33 in Moscow, but the world definitely needs to hear Jed take on this.

JM: My official, learned position about it is that this is a dope and I hate being Dikaev. I would be surprised if it didn’t appear in The Fistys at the end of the year.

AL: Apart from that, there was a great trio of submissions performed on Tuesday, so take a quick look at Faridoon Odylov’s scarf chalk, Mansour Malakiev’s guillotine, and Dini Slam Kamabov’s von Flu.

What do you think before we go to people, Who choked it better?

JM: The scarf hold may be my favorite submission as it is a nonsense of a real schoolyard bully. While he is there, he may just make a fuss about the man. It’s as if someone who doesn’t know anything about the fight sees it and says, “Oh, that guy has a big brother right there.” So it’s definitely my choice for the best chalk work.


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Billy Pasrattan vs. Brand Mamana

AL: Before Cory Sandhagen I did something I couldn’t say Frankie EdgarSaturday’s chin, the best KO on the weekend could have belonged to Billy “Bruce Lee” Pasrattan. At the One Pride MMA Fight Night (Don’t Sue) Show in Jakarta, Indonesia, Pasrattan dialed a long distance with a switch kick and Brand Mamana made the mistake of answering the whole face.

JM: Man, why do you have to go and swap palettes to grow Dominick Cruz?? Now I’m all exhausted again. Thankfully, I use this Dope Switch Kick KO to enhance my spirit.

I like switch kicks. Because all combat operations exist. The switch kick was clearly designed by a 6 year old kid. “Yes, I jump and kick with both feet. Hiya!”

AL: Children, the largest provider of unlimited aggression.

Morgan Dehei vs. Miriam Santana

Hombres De Honor put together a show ( Cramps) In Fontanar, Spain, maybe it should have been called Mujeres De Honor based on what Morgan Dehaye did for Miriam Santana.

Spin kick to the ribs and Santana said, “Okay, cool, cool, cool, I got out of here. Peace.”

JM: It may have been the most delayed reaction I have ever seen. We talk about fighters rethinking their life choices a lot, but to be honest, that’s what it seemed to be. Santana ate a kick and stepped forward, saying, “Why am I doing this? This is obviously stupid and turned around. I can’t believe it.

AL: Dehaye may have shown her favor here. One quick kick to the center could save the world that hurt Santana in the future if she decides this isn’t for her.

Michele Baiano vs Nizari Ben Amara
Dumitru Girlean vs Simone Patrizi

AL: Italy’s Golden Cage Promotion UFC Fight Pass For the first time last Saturday, Michele Baiano and Dumitru Girlean took full advantage of the additional exposure.

Baiano won a vacant featherweight title on the Nizari Ben Amara rocket left hook.

JM: Yeah, yeah, good hooks and everything, but aren’t we really going to talk about this? How do you name your promotional golden cage and have a regular ass white and black cage? !!? what is that? !! ??

AL: The regular ass white and black cages don’t have the exact same ring, so I feel that some decoration is needed and tolerated here.

JM: You see, I’m not overwhelmed. I don’t require the cage to be made of real gold (although it would be a little cool in a horribly gorgeous way). And I agree, you shouldn’t name your promotion a regular-white and black cage in the butt. That would be a terrible name. But if you want to name your promotion a golden cage, have a terrible gold cage. Otherwise, give it a common name, such as the Xtreme Fight Combat Gladiatorship.

AL: Sadly, a true Grand Fighting Championship took place.

Be sure to raise these headphones to finish the Dumitru Girlean.

It was one big head kick, and was the sound enough to bleed the ears when Simone Patrizi rolled onto the canvas?

JM: It sounded like I was taking a baseball bat to a meat slab, but I think it was a little. But it would have been much cooler in the golden cage.

AL: You can see that this will not be released soon.

Sagar Kashyap vs Shivam Kumar

Sagar Kashyap fought at Hero Pro Fight Night 4: Fighters Bleed on Sunday in Nashik, India, just out of time.

Kashyap hurried Shivam Kumar, then rear-naked choke, and eventually left Kumar’s eyes behind.

JM: It was the best. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a rear-naked choke on my knees, but I’m happy now. As the saying goes, if the fight gets longer and Kashyapa is clearly there to get that money, you won’t get any extra rewards.


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Missed Fist: Mohammad Washim Kobandi ends the fight on horrific ground and pounds, more Missed Fist: Mohammad Washim Kobandi ends the fight on horrific ground and pounds, more

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