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Welcome to the latest version of Missed Fists. Here we shed light on the battles around the world that may have been overlooked during the busy times, when MMA shows appear to be held every other day.

We are proud to have a variety of sporting tastes here, as well as the obvious joy of MMA, kickboxing, boxing and nightfighting. Therefore, it is always fun to be able to talk about more traditional sports. It’s a better time to talk about the roundball spin-off known as “Dagestan Basketball” at the NBA All-Star Game this weekend.

(By the way, many of the highlights of this feature have been edited by @Barrelelapierna, Who makes List of the best finishes Every week. Be sure to follow us! )

Dagestan basketball

AL: Man … what the hell is this?

JM: That’s how basketball was played before the whining of this generation ruined the game.

AL: Yes, for all of you, the old school head is the current NBA’s loose defenses, attack juice rules, and General saw, We have this mutant of basketball from Russia (of course it is from Russia).

Method is as follows Bloody Elbow Anton Tabena When Dagestan basketball was first introduced to the world Habib Nurmagomedov A few years ago.

“In this modified sport, which is very roughly similar to basketball, there are no travel violations, out-of-range rules, and perhaps the most noticeable fouls. The end result looks like a rugby and basketball mashup, Includes a little fighting and wrestling. “

You’re joking about what this doesn’t really sound like a sport, but the same is true for MMA.

JM: This is the best sport in the world. Rugby and basketball together? Please sign up. As you know, I’m playing with similarly skilled people. I don’t want to get into the outfit of this physical specimen.

AL: I haven’t even dribbled, so do I just cover the entire area with a pad? Just a suggestion.

Now, while we’re here, it’s our duty to start drafting 5 from the MMA world, right? Let me go first.

JM: The easiest choice in the world: Habib. He has experience and he is a frigid Habib.

AL: Automatic pick there. I don’t know if he is the founder, but obviously he is an innovator. Dag Ball’s Jerry West or Elgin Baylor.

Since this is a snake draft (we’ve determined it’s a snake draft), we’ll make two picks: Yes, I am using AKA.If the man “DC” is holding the middle, it will be additionally sneaky Ben Askren To make dirty games a little dirty.

JM: You are an idiot, you have left far the next best choice available. Walt Harris Following his college basketball career, he’s a huge guy he’s tried on several NBA teams. My guy can play every aspect of this game and he will take us to the chips.

Now that these two pieces have been placed, snap them. Greg Hardy.. You see, neither of us likes the guy, but I’m very sure he’ll be great in this game.He likes Poor man Miles Garrett..

AL: Would you like to go to a real talented athlete? Disappointed.

I’m closing my team Stefan Struve, If a man wants to do something when he retires, and I have to see what a “skyscraper” can do on a basketball court, and then the long-awaited wildcard Clay Guida.. Really, Gyda’s endless energy will make him a triple-double threat in every game, right?

Who else did I get before I made the final choice?

JM: You left a lot of good options on the table, it’s hard to narrow down.I think i need to take Francis Ngannou Because the guy learned to fight like he did two years ago and is basically already the best heavyweight in the world. Give him 6 months of practice and he will also run this game.

And we need to be a little more familiar with this team, so I take Alexander Volkanovski.. As we have established, this game is basically rugby, so I want a former rugby player to fix my team.

AL: Based on the footage we saw, Volk was probably the top four pick.Any plan I’m out of the window right now because I have to unfold Henry Cejudo As a counter. In addition, he will be the best (and worst in the best sense) trash talk, classic agitator on the floor. And I think so are pretty good wrestlers.

JM: Patrick Beverley from Dag Ball.

AL: accurately. So here is our lineup:

Team Jed

Habib Nurmagomedov
Walt Harris
Greg Hardy
Francis Ngannou
Alexander Volkanovski

Team AK

Daniel Cormier
Ben Askren
Stefan Struve
Clay Guida
Henry Cejudo

Here is a solid old school and new school atmosphere. Let people decide which team will be the top.

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Alexander Wesner vs Benjamin Russ

Let’s start with Alexander Wesner’s “Dim Mac” Touch KO from the German MMA Championship Show on Saturday, as there are actual MMA highlights we will discuss.

I definitely had to look at it several times to understand what happened.

JM: As always, the lesson should not face the opponent’s punch first.

AL: Sound advice. And what advice do you have for the next unfortunate knockout victim?

Artem Lukyanov vs. Ismail Islafilov

Until someone gets pounded, it’s all about hugs and handshakes.

JM: Would you like to throw a weak jab while stepping backwards in an aggressive electric shock from your opponent? Seriously, the buddy adds what’s left there, even if it lands, as if it had somehow accomplished something. You need to know when to withdraw and when to sit down and compete. Don’t do both worsts.

AL: If you can meet again someday, if you do something like this, don’t show your love first. Be honest about your intentions and get over it.

Belarus Fighting Championship 66 Artemrkyanov vs Ismail Islafilov and the rest of the show BFC YouTube channel..

Marcos Breno vs. Leandro Da Silva

If you go to Brazil, you will find another magnificent KO. This is in favor of 23-year-old bantamweight prospect Marcos Breno. He improved to 13-2 with this victory on Sunday.

Also the main props to the referee to nail the pose at the end of the battle.

JM: Wow. Really good performance from the referee there. Obviously trying to give the impression of the biggest show.

AL: CDL is a promotion to attract attention, as our own Guilherme Cruz said it is a joint venture from MMA veterans. Lucas Martins The famous YouTuber Winderson Nunez. Who is this guy, may you ask? Let’s say you intended to call him Jake Paul of Brazil. But Paul seems to be his American version, based on the fact that he has twice as many YouTube followers as Paul.

And yes, before everyone asks, Gui also tells us that Nunes will soon be competing in an exhibition boxing match.

Fans may remember that Harry Hansucker was unable to appear in the November Contender series. Jared Vanderaa..

At the Hard Rock MMA show in Bowling Green, Kentucky, the 45-second Corey Moon turmoil has already helped him recover from the loss.

Good luck to Hansucker in his mission to reach the UFC someday, but the name belongs to a promotion called Hard Rock MMA (and for that matter, like Moon).

JM: Nothing is displayed here. Tabby men throwing their hands until the boom.

Dean Tromance vs. Bimo Adriano

AL: Dean Tromance, the floor is yours because I love when fighters post their highlights (especially when it’s as good as this).

JM: What is that old saying? You are your own best promoter. And with such highlights, Tromas, you are the hell of a promoter.

AL: The clip was from Urban Fight Night 24 and also featured the soul-asserting Randall “The Limb Reaper” Rayment.I wrote about calf kicks that cause rament injuries Here, But people demand your view on it.

JM: My immediate view is OW. My second view is: MMA fighters should really learn to check leg kicks better.

Jorge Diaz-Flores vs. Felipe Muñoz Crespo

AL: Miguel Cotto’s event in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico concludes with boxing, the first to mark Jorge Diaz Flores’ impressive professional debut.

If you stick to the basketball theme here, it looks like he’s taking out LaMelo Ball here.

JM: Uhu. He was also doing very well by hiding and preserving his beloved life! Then he had to go and get into his head where he needed to fight back. A classic mistake.

AL: Speaking of the classic mistake, heavyweight Hayden Wright (career 2-13 record) couldn’t even gain weight in a match against Khalid Baker in Sydney, apparently weighing 20 kg (44 pounds or more). I lost the mark.

Of course, because this is a martial art, he then retired and was awarded some sort of trophy.

Do you think it’s a happy road?

JM: Missing the £ 44 mark must be a record. He deserves all the trophies for that. To be honest, I think it’s the most impressive thing I’ve seen all year round.

Heroes are remembered, but legends never die. Welcome to Immortal Hayden Wright.

If you know of recent battles or events that may have been overlooked, or promotions that you may pay attention to, let us know on Twitter – @JedKMeshew And @AlexanderKLee – Use the hashtag #MissedFists.

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Missed Fist: Team Selection, Details for the Brutal Game of “Dagestan Basketball” Missed Fist: Team Selection, Details for the Brutal Game of “Dagestan Basketball”

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