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Welcome to the latest version of Missed Fists. Here we shed light on the battles around the world that may have been overlooked during the busy times, when MMA shows appear to be held every other day.

Last week was about everything Celebrate the best (and strangest) of 2020But, ironically, while doing so, I neglected to mention some highlights that missed the year-end deadline. So make sure your KOs and submissions aren’t left behind before you fully anticipate the UFC’s return to the Fight Island next week.

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Fazliddin Obidov vs Islom Sharopov
Alexander Maslov vs. Mahmood Mohamed
Firuz Khodibaev vs Sultanbek Parpibaev
Alexei Schulkevic vs Yuri Maslov

Got the entire shebang at the first Open Fighting Championship Show (free replays YouTube) On December 26, in Samara, Russia, Fazridin Obidov not only nailed the head kick, but also started the subsequent gymnastics routine.

For those who maintain their score at home, it was an out-of-cage backflip, followed by a backflip, and another backflip. That’s 9.6 on my card. Good show.

The absolute rampage of Mahmood Mohammed by heavyweight Alexander Maslov was not so flashy.

Mazlov missed the head kick badly, shrugged an incredibly nasty takedown attempt, and then said “screwed” and pistoned his right hand from his waist. Final result: Great success!

In an unfortunate mismatch, Tajikistan’s Firuz Khodibaev improved to 5-0 in his professional career with a head kick knockout from Sultanbek Parpibaev, who had no record to speak before the match.

Pal Pibaev made a bold decision here to lead with his face and soon began to regret it. It was too late when Kodibaev just stepped into Palpibaev’s fist and realized that it was a good idea for Palpibaev to finally raise his hand. The official stop time was 14 seconds.

Then there was the fall of Yuri Maslov’s Humpty Dumpty. He was actually pretty lucky when he dropped it as he had a rocket punch towards the dome that Alexei Schulkevic had just missed.

Maxim Butrin vs. Artur Pronin
Akop Stepanyan vs. Mikhail Gogitize
Dorji Daraev vs. Jan Sreptosov

Hitting the mat did not save Artur Pronin. Maxim Butrin appeared red as soon as Proline collapsed and rushed in with a life-changing hammer fist.

Proline seemed to be actively working to get rid of Butrin from him, and next he was a bobblehead doll, so I can’t blame ref for not stopping those extra shots. Butrin is only 25 years old and is currently 18-3-1. He faces fierce competition, so don’t be surprised if Russian welterweights will sign a major North American promotion sometime in 2021.

Akop Stepanyan is already on the road, navigating a failed run at Bellator, but seven years later he’s still on the road, causing serious damage at the age of 34.

His opponent, Mikhail Gogitize, appeared ready to cough his lungs after kicking his body, and all the punches Stepanian made afterwards were just formal.

On the other side is Dorji Daraev, who has just begun his MMA journey. No one knows if this is what he wants to pursue as a career, but after hitting the average heel hook on Jan Sreptosov, he is now 2-0.

Sleptsov was in the midst of a great sweep until he left his feet exposed. Daraev did not hesitate to rob it, and a few seconds later he tapped out. Since then, Sleptsov seems to have suffered both pain and distrust.

These highlights are from AMC Fight Nights Global 99 on December 25th. YouTube..

Galena Yakpois vs. Anna Skoriakova
Nikolai Kaushanski vs. Sergei Smirnov
Ildar Kudaibergenov vs. Daniela Synasap

Daraev’s heel hook was just one of the great submissions to conclude 2020.Ended in New Generation League 2 (free replays YouTube) In Chelyabinsk, Russia, on Christmas day, the Straw Hat Pirates Galena Yaupova won a gorgeous arm bar from Mount.

Their finishing instincts, the shades of young Ronda Rousey, okay, let’s not go beyond us. At 24 with a 3-1 record, Yakpois has not yet fought anyone with a better record than 0-0. Anyway, she is a person to keep an eye on.

In addition to all that, two of our favorite submissions were made during the same Christmas week.Nikolai Kaushanski defeated Sergei Smirnov, who overmatched in Moscow’s Two-Head Eagle Cup 2, with Ezekiel Chalk from top position, while Ildark Divergenov at Niza Fighting Championship 27 with von Fluchoke. Locked (free replay is YouTube) In Almaty, Kazakhstan.

It must be mentioned that Kaushansky was heading for the fight against Sergei Smirnov 16-3. Sergei Smirnov was 0-0. Matchmaking for a small show, everyone, isn’t it magnificent?

Kudaibergenov (3-0) wasn’t exactly facing the world’s beaters either, but at least Daniela Sinasap (0-3) was fighting before.

you know what? It’s a very nice collection of submissions, it’s time to do something we haven’t done in a while.Yes, let’s play the round WHO. I tapped it. Better? !! ?? !! ??


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Chasen Umholtz vs James Webb

Yes, this week was mostly from 2020, but that doesn’t mean the New Year left us empty-handed. Here’s the Chasenum Holtz exploding James Webb from the MMAX Fighting Championship Show in Poteau, Oklahoma last Saturday.

And happy new year, though late!

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Missed Fists: Fazliddin Obidov nails head kick finish and acrobatic celebration Missed Fists: Fazliddin Obidov nails head kick finish and acrobatic celebration

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