MISTICO-First person adventure game (iOS / Android)


My name is Chris. A solo indie developer who creates adventure games for iOS / Android and Amazon Fire.

I would like to share my latest game MISTICO. It has been released for about a week and has been very well received so far.

Android: MITICO: Escape Room Hidden Object Puzzle-Google Play App

The story is as follows:

MISTICO-A ​​small mysterious Spanish island hidden somewhere in the Balearic Islands. I often hear rumors about its existence, but it turns out that it’s quite difficult to actually find MISTICO.

After a warm, drunken night at a local bar, you’ll hear tanned locals speaking Spanish. Here are some of the words I learned by exploring the area where I decided to eavesdrop on the conversation.

“¿Estás seguro?”

“¡Sí !, tengo un mapa claro a la isla demistico.”

Another man suddenly appears at the entrance of the bar, beckoning them to leave everything and come soon.

I saw the group discussing outside, and they hurriedly jumped into a tanned car and left. I took the last drug from my bottle and decided it was time to leave myself.

Along the way, I noticed that the men had left a torn piece of paper on the table they were sitting on. When I looked closely, I noticed what was written on the paper. With the longitude and latitude coordinates scribbled with a pencil, I immediately noticed what I was seeing.

I thought, “Never.” “What is the exact location of MISTICO?”

I hired a local boat to travel the high seas to the point where the coordinates pinpoint the location of the island. However, the trip did not go exactly as planned. As soon as I approached the coordinates, I was in trouble, but all I remember was the clear blue sky turning black and the strange humming noise.

When I opened my eyes, I saw a strange old house in the middle …

“Where am I?”


MISTCO is a first-person point-and-click adventure, similar to the games played in the 90’s. A simple gameplay interface consisting of a world to explore and an inventory panel where you can collect, combine and use items you find along the way.

Explore the area, collect hidden objects and capture the surroundings. All puzzle-solving skills are required to plan for many escape paths through the island.

How you tackle the puzzle is up to you. Each puzzle has a logical solution, so take the time to enjoy the process of rushing to understand what you have to do.


> Easy to play, touch the screen to move.Back using the arrow
> Use inventory to collect, combine, and use objects
> All beautiful original adventures Explore 3D graphics, environment and atmosphere
> Immersive backing soundtracks and effects that take you into adventure
> Autosave when completing an area-in the main menu[続行]Use the button to resume from where you left off

Small print

MISTICO was created from the imagination of a solo indie developer.

“I’m always excited to hear people playing my game. Adventure games are my passion and your feedback helps make my game better.”

Android: MITICO: Escape Room Hidden Object Puzzle-Google Play App

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