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Recently, you can read a blog post about defenders of minor leaguers. The blog post mentioned how badly the Los Angeles Angels are dealing with minor leaguers.Spokesman The club said it was resentment and the club would deal with it …

In other words, the angels pretended they didn’t know …

Recently, former Miami / Florida Marlins President David Samson appeared at the Dunle Butterd Show. At the show, he described the treatment of minor league players as follows: “Team officers who claim ignorance when they go out for abusing minor league players are full of it. We knew exactly which food was served and which hotel we were staying at. . “

Fortunately, there are some clubs that actually take action on housing issues and the poverty wages they are paying. However, most MLB clubs have their heads stuck in the sand.

A-ball players have earned $ 10,000 this season. This is a 72% increase (!) From 2019. This is “$ 833 per month (calculated in one year)”. Please tell me how players are supposed to make ends meet with such hunger wages. They are supposed to pay the rent. Such a salary is quite difficult. As a result, players may enter a two-room apartment with seven players, the majority of whom have to sleep on an air mattress on the floor.

In most cases, the landlord offers a minimum 6-month rental contract. This can cause serious financial problems when a player is promoted. An example is shown below.

You can bet on it, as David Samson says the Marlins knew about this situation, other MLB teams know this too. So, by saying, “It’s anger,” angels and other clubs ignoring the problem are crying out for ignorance. The owner of that best greedy MLB.

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MLB clubs aloud ignorance – Dutch baseball hangout MLB clubs aloud ignorance – Dutch baseball hangout

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