MLB The Show 21 Player Evaluation Forecast

In many ways, predicting a player’s rating is more difficult than ever. MLB The Show 21.. Given how shortened the 2020 season remains, the question remains how much confidence SDS developers will have in the smaller sample size season. Will they still go in total for the last three years (with weighted impacts for last season), or will they do a four-year survey instead and count as a bit anomalous last year?

Despite the added difficulty, I’m going to stick to the guess MLB The Show 21 Overall player rating of the best player in all positions. Along the way, we’ll also discuss players who are expected to generate significant profits and losses. MLB The Show 20..

MLB The Show 21 Player Evaluation Forecast

Starting pitcher

Jacob deGrom 99 OVR (99 at MLB The Show 20 Release, 99 is on the current list)

This is probably the hardest call with many great starting pitchers worth considering the highest overall rating at the moment, but I’m going to give DeGrom an edge for his lasting success in recent years. .. Shane Bieber, who won the 2020 Cy Young Award, set an impressive 8-1 record and 1.63 ERA, but DeGrom was more consistent in the last two seasons and 2020 wasn’t too poor. (2.38ERA).

On the Rise: Corbin Burnes, 81 OVR (60, 89)

It’s been a little adventure for Burns in his career so far. He moved from a great debut in 2018 to corruption in 2019, dating back to great performance in the shortened season of 2020. He will undoubtedly make a significant rise, thanks to his achievement of 2.11 ERA in his nine starts last year.

About Decline: Madison Bumgarner, 76 OVR (84, 72)

Bumgarner’s 2019 season has already shown signs that his best day was potentially behind him and that impression grew only in 2020. He struggled with 6.48 ERA at the 9th start. His overall rating plummeted by a whopping 12 points from the beginning to the end of the season, but it is unlikely that he will be that low in 2021.

Relief pitcher

Liam Hendriks, 95 OVR (88, 93)

Like the starting pitcher, there are plenty of candidates here, but Hendrix deserves the highest-rated relief on his new start at the White Sox after spending five years in Auckland. After all, her performance in 2019 and 2020 ended with him maintaining an ERA of less than 2.00 over both seasons.

On The Rise: Devin Williams, 80 OVR (51, 80)

It’s a little hard to predict what they will do at Devin Williams in Brewers MLB The Show 21.. He had only 51 OVRs when the game was released last year, but has since achieved one of the most impressive rookie seasons in history (0.33 ERA in 27 innings, 53 strikeouts).I rely on him sticking pretty close to the 80 OVR he is currently in MLB The Show 20 List.

About Decline: Craig Kimbrel, 73 OVR (78, 74)

It’s always possible to regain the magic that Kimbrel had in his glorious era with the Red Sox, but the last few years at the Cubs were terribly disappointing. To make matters worse, he has been struggling with springballs so far (although it can often be pointless), so his rating could be even lower than the current 74OVR.


JT Realmuto, 94 OVR (90, 94)

There’s not much controversy about the game’s catcher, which is better than Phillies’ JT Realmuto. He’s been incredibly consistent with his aggressive work over the past few seasons, and the Gold Glove he won in 2019 is all you need to know about his prowess behind cooking. Will tell you.

On The Rise: Austin Nola, 79 OVR (75, 83)

He wasn’t that good after being traded from Seattle to San Diego, but Nora was last year (.273, 7 HR, 28 RBI for both teams combined), and with limited action in 2019, he Diversity and skills that guarantee a slight reputation this year rebound.

About the decline: Gary Sanchez, 79 OVR (85, 77)

Not only are there as many possibilities as Sanchez has shown as a Yankee, he is also forced to carry a lot of criticism because of his poor defenses and his frequent strikeouts.Things could have hit new lows after he fell to an average of .147 in 2020, which would definitely cost him some money when it comes to his valuation. MLB The Show 21..

First base

Freddie Freeman, 94 OVR (91, 95)

Freeman and José Abreu have accumulated an incredible number in the last few years and will definitely own the plate in 2020, so it’s hard to tell which one will be ranked higher. .. Freeman seems to like getting a higher rating a bit. He’s young (and well-defended), which makes him a little more likely to keep it in 2021.

On the Rise: Luke Voit, 85 OVR (81, 90)

It’s still hard to believe, but Boyt managed to hit a home run (22) with 213 at bats in 2020 rather than 429 at bats (21) in 2020. This feat will definitely increase his power attributes and will only improve his overall reputation.

About Decline: Cody Bellinger, 92 OVR (96, 91)

Bellinger and Max Muncy split the time with the Dodgers first baseman in 2020, neither of which matched the 2019 All-Star performance. But in the case of Bellinger, it got a little worse as he had finished his hit MVP season. Accumulated 47 HRs and 115 RBIs, averaging .305 (decreased to 12, 30, and .239 in 2020, respectively).

Second base

DJ LeMahieu, 97 OVR (91, 99)

mlb the show21 Player evaluation prediction

You can be worried that LeMahieu’s power numbers will return a bit to Earth in 2020, but you can’t ignore the .362 average that leads the league he had at the end of the season.Because he is 99 OVR on the current list MLB The Show 20It’s easy to imagine that he would be rated as the best in his position MLB The Show 21..

On the rise: Donovan Solano, 78 OVR (70, 80)

In the daily role of the Giants in 2020, Solano hit .326 while playing in 54 of the team’s 60 games, proving that his impressive 2019 utility numbers are not a fluke. did.

About the decline: Jose Altuve 91 OVR (93, 90)

According to his high standards, Altuve got stuck straight in 2020, reaching .219 with only 5HR and 18RBI. It’s also far enough from the 2017 MVP season that his rating should drop by at least a few points in this year’s game.


Fernando Tatis Jr. 95 OVR (86, 93)

There is no doubt that Tatis Jr. is the most acclaimed shortstop in MLB The Show 21 Given that he’s on the cover of the game, the only question is whether to hit him up to 99 OVR. I don’t think he’s there yet, but it’s quite possible they’ll fill his reputation a bit for all the topics surrounding him and to help keep the cover athlete happy. ..

On the Rise: Andres Jimenez, 69 OVR (65, 68)

Guimenez is 22 years old and I don’t know what he will end up with, but if he can build in the 2020 season (.263, 3 HR, 12 RBIs, only 132 RBIs), his rating will be annual. It just keeps rising.

About Decline: Javier Baez, 89 OVR (92, 91)

He MLB The Show 20 Do we have something to cover athletes Madden Curse in our hands here? Despite reaching only 0.203 in 2020, Baez’s rating fell by only one point. But he’s no longer on the cover, so let’s see if his rating is quietly below 90 at launch.

Third base

Manny Machado, 96 OVR (90, 99)

mlb the show21 Player evaluation prediction

After having a great 2019 season in his first year at the Padres, Machado improved his case in 2020 as the best third baseman in baseball. In just 60 games, he exceeded .300 and drove 47. If he maintained that ferocious pace throughout the 2021 full season, he would drive with an impressive 126 runs.

On the Rise: Hosera Milles, 93 OVR (88, 96)

Ramirez isn’t too late here for Machad (he may be in front). Ramirez played 58 games, almost in line with Machad’s total RBI. If there’s one aspect of his game that might prevent him from being as highly regarded as Machad, it’s his weakness in the field. He steals more bags than Machad, but defense is most likely to pull down the whole thing.

About Decline: Kris Bryant, 88 OVR, (91, 85)

Alongside Javier Baez on the left side of the infield, Bryant was another person about the unachieved in 2020. With a few .206 hits of 4HR and 11RBI in 147 at bats, he is very likely to rebound to enter a season like him. 2017 or 2019 campaign. In other words, the idea here is to slightly lower Bryant’s reputation for the 2020 slump.


Marcell Ozuna, 94 OVR (85, 97)

Ozna’s 2020 was everything Braves fans wanted for their first season in Atlanta. He led the league in both home runs and RBIs (18 and 56 respectively, and he also hit .338). Throughout the full season, he was at the pace of improving his breakout 2017 All-Star season and improving his last two years in St. Louis.

On the Rise: Adam Duvall, 83 OVR (79, 89)

Ozna used the Universal DH last season and didn’t play the field in most games, but Adam Duvall usually played with the Braves left fielder and hit 15 home runs. Duval, now in Miami, aims to maintain that power (and perhaps raise the average somewhat) throughout the season, as he did in 2016 and 2017.

About Decline: Christian Yelich, 92 OVR (94, 90)

After the hot seasons of 2018 and 2019, Yelich probably planned to cool down a bit. In 2020, he hit just .205 and drove in just 22 runs. The last two seasons, and those troubles are unlikely to last until 2021, but he should be over 90 OVR.

Center field

Mike Trout, 99 OVR (99, 98)

mlb the show21 Player evaluation prediction

Just as the sun rises every day, Mike Trout can be expected to be 99 OVR. MLB The Show Every year.Indeed, he’s really just 98 OVR now MLB The Show 20 An average of 0.281 with 17 home runs and 46 RBIs in 2020 didn’t seem to be enough to keep him at 99 OVR, but he’s credible when he returns to 99. MLB The Show 21 Will be released.

On the Rise: Kyle Lewis, 73 OVR (57, 77)

People didn’t expect much because there weren’t many MLB-level at-bats in Lewis in 2020, as you can see from his 57 OVR rating. He surprised many with the Mariners’ 11 home runs and .262 RBIs with 28 RBIs. This should mean he will start the 2021 season with 70 OVR.

About the decline: Aaron Hicks, 78 OVR (79, 79)

After surgery, 2020 will always be a challenging season for Hicks. The fact that his 79 OVR rating did not drop from what it was when the ’20 was released indicates that he did not have the worst shortened season etc. (.225, 6 HR, 21 RBI). .. Still, he may have to pay a bit because he couldn’t make big numbers in both 2019 and 2020. I first expect his overall rating to drop by at least one point.

Right fielder

Mookie Betts, 97 OVR (95, 98)

mlb the show21 Player evaluation prediction

Betts MLB The Show 21 After posting a number in both the regular and postseason of 2020, ending with a World Series victory. In any case, he is the best right fielder in the game and needs to calm down to slightly raise his overall rating.

On the Rise: Teoscar Hernandez, 88 OVR (76, 92)

Of all the Blue Jays players with potential breakouts, Hernandez was the player who flashed it most in 2020 with an average of 0.289, hitting 16 home runs in just 190 at-bats. I expect his overall rating to rise 16 points from the beginning of the season and remain relatively high until early 2021 (as a Blue Jays fan).

About Decline: Nomar Mazara, 70 OVR (73, 69)

Until last season, Mazara was a nearly consistent photo while on the plate with Rangers. We could expect to hit .250 just north of the season and club 20 home runs. But in his first year with the White Sox, he was able to hit .228 with just one home run with the advent of 149 plates. I don’t think he will slide too far, but his rating should stay somewhere around 70 OVR.

MLB The Show 21 Player Evaluation Forecast

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