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Christmas Eve isn’t the time to expect a blockbuster move in the Major League, but the Nationals and Pirates Important trade Thursday.The deal left Nationals with a new first baseman Josh Bell, They got from pirates for young right-handed Will Crow And Eddie Yen..

Bell was a potentially huge acquisition for Washington as it was an all-star with 37 home runs in 2019. Otherwise, the 28-year-old switch hitter has been closer to the average than his greatness as a batter since he. Debuted in 2016. Last season was a tough sled for Bell. Bell struck out .226 / .305 / .364 with eight home runs and 223 at-bats, the worst strikeout in his career at 26.5%. Bell still has two years of team control (expected to go from $ 5.1 million to $ 7.2 million in 2021), but Pirates decided to sell him cheaply. If he returns to his previous form, Bell should have no problem improving the Nationals’ 2020 first baseman trio. Eric Thames, Asdrúbal Cabrera And now I’m retired Howie Kendrick.. Nuts first baseman finished his 29th year with fWAR (minus 0.7 fWAR) and hit .233 / .305 / .397.

Pirates, who have little or no chance of competing in the near future, have found that Crow and Yen are attractive enough to break up with Bell.Crow is already the 17th prospect MLB.comHe wrote that if he could improve his use of breaking balls and pitches, he could become a 4/5 starter. The 26-year-old made a short debut in the major leagues last season, throwing 8 1/3 innings and scoring 4.03 ERA at 7.5K / 9 against 3.1 BB / 9 in 290 minor league frames.

By standards, Yean looks much more impressive than Crowe. This is to place the hard throw Yean 7th on Pirates’ system. He’s only 19 years old, but according to, “combining his stuff, size, and delivery makes Yean look like part of the big league starter of the future.” Yen accumulated 461/3 innings between rookie and low A levels in 2019, raising 3.50 ERA of 8.4K / 9 and 3.3BB / 9 in 461/3 frames.

What do you think of the Washington-Pittsburgh trade? (App user voting link: The people, Pirate)

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MLBTR Poll: Josh Bell Trade Rating MLBTR Poll: Josh Bell Trade Rating

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