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Tomoyuki Sugano According to, arrived in the United States two days ago Hoch News (Japanese link), as a right-handed and his agent, Joel Wolfe plans the last few days of Sugano’s 30-day posting period. January 7th is the last day of the posting period, with at least six MLB teams known to be interested in Sugano’s services, which could favor Sugano’s pitching in the 2021 Major League Baseball. There seems to be sex.

However, relocation to North America is not guaranteed. Earlier this month, Sugano said he hadn’t fully decided whether to jump to Major League Baseball, with the weight of the COVID-19 pandemic as a factor in his decision, as mentioned in the Hooch News article.As you just saw yesterday With an outfielder Haruki NishikawaIt is not uncommon for Japanese players to reach the end of the 30-day posting period without reaching a contract with the MLB team.

Beyond that uncertainty, Sugano’s market may have declined somewhat. Of the six teams rumored to be related to Sugano, two have made other important pitching additions, which may have left them out of running.The· Rangers Already entered the Japanese pitching market signature Kohei Arihara For a two-year $ 6.2 million contract.The· Padres, Of course, dominated the headlines by shaking a pair of blockbuster trades Yu Darvish And Blake Snell, And now also includes a rotation mix heading Dinelson Lamet, Chris Paddack, Adrian Morejon, Joey Lucchesi, And some impressive young arms.

Of course, that doesn’t mean Texas and San Diego aren’t interested in Sugano yet.Even with the signing of Arihara, the Rangers would be able to take that into account and add to their rotation. Kyle Gibson, Jordan Lyles,and Kolby Allard When it comes to the Padres, they’re clearly in winning mode right now, so Sugano may see it as another important factor in wanting to be a World Series candidate.If Lamet has, adding another start candidate acts as an additional guard Frustration of injury, And it may allow the Padres to potentially float one of their young arms as a trade chip in another trade.

The· Red Sox Made again Recent pitching additions To Matt Andriese, But Andries will be cracked in his first job, but he may end up as a savior or perhaps Swingman. Boston asks enough questions in rotation, so it makes sense to sign Sugano even if Andries becomes a starter. Similarly Giants keeping Kevin Gausman Signed through eligible offer Anthony DeSclaphany Since the start of the off-season, however, San Francisco pitching staff will certainly use additional reinforcements.

The· Blue Jays And Mets This offseason is linked to almost every free agent, so it’s not surprising that both are in Kanno. The question is whether Sugano will be the last major pitching addition for the team.Do you have enough weapons in both Toronto and New York, or another notable Harler (probably) Trevor Bauer) It’s really necessary to turn either rotation into a big plus.

With these options in mind, it’s time to open the floor to the MLBTR readership. Where do you think Sugano will sell in 2021? (((Voting link For app users)

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MLBTR Poll: Who will sign Tomoyuki Sugano? MLBTR Poll: Who will sign Tomoyuki Sugano?

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