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Josh Drack’s Journey to the Professional Rank was named the 16th overall pick by the Los Angeles Galaxy at the 2021 MLS SuperDraft last Thursday. Now the actual work begins when he tries to join the first team in a whole new position.

After finishing his college football career, where he saw him play at the Grand Canyon University and the University of Denver, the 21-year-old is one of the most decorated teams in particular and is ecstatic to be in the top pick of this year’s draft. And. alliance.

“When I was chosen, there were a lot of emotions running in my heart,” Drag told SBI Soccer. “Obviously, I was happy and excited, but above all, I was proud of the journey of the way I got so far. It’s no more gratifying that the Galaxy chose me. No. I’ve been a fan of the team since Beckham, but I don’t think there’s any better place. “

A man from Chandler, Arizona passed college ranks before pursuing a professional career when top young talent in American football signed a homemade deal with an MLS club or headed to Europe. .. The MLS Draft continues to produce influential players such as Darryl Dyke and Henry Kessler from the 2020 draft, and Druck believes he is ready to follow a similar path to success in college. ..

β€œCollege football has helped me grow as a player. Jamie Franks, staff, and teammates at the University of Denver have made me the best person, player, and leader. How grateful I am to them. There is no word to explain, “says Druck.

“College football has allowed me to grow mentally and take ownership of what happened to the team. If things don’t go as planned, fix things so the team can succeed. It’s up to me as a leader. “

Drack counts as an early inspiration for MLS to emerge as an aspiring player, not a stranger. In high school, Drag headed to the Pacific Northwest and had the opportunity to train at the Portland Timbers Academy. He said playing at that level compared to the high school team gave him a perspective on what he needed to reach the professional level.

“At that time, I was very young and naive, and I wasn’t ready to take the next step towards becoming a professional,” said a graduate of Hamilton High School. “Playing with better players and having a high level coach clearly improved my game, but the biggest thing that came out to me was that I had to grow mentally. ..

“I lived alone without a family and sometimes felt lonely. I know that happens when I reach the professional level,” Druck said. “How close I was to the USL and the first team, so playing at the MLS Academy was high. It was an opportunity to improve every day and prove that I could play at MLS someday.”

Now, after honing his skills at the youth and college level, the former Gatorade Arizona footballer of the year is heading to the big stage with five MLS Cup champions. He is expected to turn to the left back, so he will play in a completely different position.

Drack’s first true position was at the College Invitational Combine in Kansas City last November. Familiarity with his left-back role does not prevent him from being one of the more impressive prospects on display, increases draft inventory, and is the most acclaimed left-back in the draft. Provided a performance that helped turn into a prospect.

“As a modern left-back, I know I need to defend first and foremost, but take part in the attack, take the players one-on-one, combine them and create a chance with the final product. I need to give the wings options for my team, “Drack said. β€œI look forward to growing as a player by playing full-time positions and continuing to learn from the coaching staff in front of me.”

Recently hired LA Galaxy head coach Greg Vanny has entered the draft with the aim of adding depth to the back left, despite having recently signed veteran Jorge Villafana as a team starter.

“One of the spots we’re not too deep into seeing through the academy part in the longer term is in the back left. This is what players like Josh Drack really do for us in the short term as well. It’s a meaningful place. In the long run, so we’re excited to welcome him, “Vanny said in a post-draft interview.

Drag isn’t confident as he’s preparing to head to Los Angeles to compete for the spot of the first team in the Galaxy. With the team in rebuild mode following the disastrous season of 2020, Drag helps the team to stand out as a kid, while at the same time making a leap forward in their professional career. Hope to help.

“This opportunity is something I’ve been working on throughout my life and it’s about becoming a professional footballer and then building a great career,” Druck said. “I’m very excited to take it every day and devote all my victorious spirit and effort to the clubs and cities of Los Angeles to get the MLS Cup back in place.”

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MLS Draft Spotlight: Josh Drag joins LA Galaxy to master new positions MLS Draft Spotlight: Josh Drag joins LA Galaxy to master new positions

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