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The Major League Soccer Players Association and MLS announced on Friday that they have reached a tentative agreement on a revised collective bargaining agreement.

According to sources, the CBA was approved by the union’s board of directors and the negotiating committee with a vote of 24-11. The agreement has now been sent to full player union membership, and MLSPA has stated that ESPN players must vote by noon on Monday. Only a simple majority is needed to ratify the agreement.

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The agreement must then be approved by the league’s governor’s board. This is expected to pave the way for the start of the training camp on February 22nd and the start of the MLS season on April 3rd. It also avoids the termination of CBA and the player lockout that was previously done. If the deal is unreachable, it will be threatened by MLS.

MLS has announced that the proposal on the table will extend the CBA for two years until 2027. This was a clause that the league had fought since the start of the negotiations and was a drawback of the negotiations.

This extension has the effect of delaying the spike in rewards that normally come with the new CBA. More importantly, such an extension would provide the league with considerable distance from the 2026 World Cup co-sponsored by the United States, Canada and Mexico, stealing leverage from MLSPA and negotiating improved terms for the tournament. I will. And the year after that.

Sources told ESPN that some of the player benefits included in the proposal were no salary cuts in 2021 and included improvements in free agent conditions in 2026 and 2027. Older transactions required five years of service.

Players will also receive an overall 10% salary increase in 2027 and a salary improvement for players classified as senior minimum. For the next media rights agreement revenue sharing agreement, the player will receive a percentage of the difference between the new agreements (plus $ 100 million). In 2023 and 2024, that percentage will be 12.5% ​​(a decrease of 12.5 percentage points in 2024), and from 2025 to 2027, that percentage will be 25%.

Negotiations on the revised CBA resumed after the MLS invoked the Force Majeure clause on December 29, due to the impact of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the slower deployment of the COVID-19 vaccine, MLS expects to see another year with few or no fans on the stand. MLS says it has a serious financial impact given its reliance on match-day earnings and players should make some sacrifices.

The union argued that the MLS approach came from economic opportunism, not from economic need. MLSPA made a $ 150 million concession during the trading period when it signed the previous CBA last June.

The enforcement of the force majeure clause opened a 30-day period for both sides to negotiate a revised CBA. It is possible that neither side was able to terminate the CBA because no agreement was reached within that period. However, MLS was the only side to threaten such an operation, saying it would not only terminate the CBA, but also shut out players if the deal was not agreed.

The threat of suspension of work has given the league increased leverage, and MLS has used it effectively to elicit the major concessions it sought at the beginning of negotiations.

This is the third time in the past year that both sides have negotiated a CBA. Both sides reached a principle agreement in February last year, but neither side formally ratified it. When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, MLS resumed negotiations and both sides agreed to a revised deal last June. In that transaction, the league succeeded in inserting the aforementioned force majeure clause.

Sources told ESPN that the force majeure clause was not valid until December 1, 2021, but could be invoked after that.

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MLS players reach provisional CBA contract in awaiting league MLS players reach provisional CBA contract in awaiting league

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