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MLW Fusion We featured the Battle of Champion vs. Champion between Promotions in Episode 121. Lio Rush hosted the MLW World Middleweight Championship, and Laredkid won the AAA cruiserweight title on the winner’s line.

Let’s disassemble the show.

ACH vs Brian Pillman Jr.

Pillman made his first pinfall attempt after a big power slam. The match was resumed with a strong contact on strike. After Pillman climbed the corner, ACH exploded and ran up the turnbuckle, kicking his face hard. ACH finished Pillman at Brainbuster at 5:53.

Team Filthy was watching from the stage. Then they surrounded the ring to attack the ACH. Von Erich hit the odds and the baby face stood tall.

ACH and von Erich stick together as a Texas boy. Marshall and Ross have ACH backs.

Saviovega and IWA declined the offer from the rich Salina de la Renta. The pandemic made it difficult to do business in Puerto Rico, but the company is not for sale. IWA is made for fans and is not a stranger hidden in the shadows.

Calvin Tankman vs Zenshi

The good man wanted a rematch. He used his agility to confuse Tankman, but his attack did no damage. Tankman flattened the good guy with a drop kick and a spine buster. Yoshishi did not go down to the count and showed his fighting spirit. Tankman crushed the masked man again with a shoulder block, a clothesline, a back elbow, a backbreaker, and a hay clothesline. Zenshi stayed alive to gain momentum with Pelekick. Zenshi removed the turnbuckle and Tankman caught him and delivered a Piledriver sitting at 5:52.

Joseph Samael has declared that Alexander Hammerstone was unable to conquer the Contra unit. Hammer, like many others, made the mistake of thinking they were immortal. Injustice is now at its end. The black flag of Contra will rise again. All Championship Gold belongs to Contra.

Lio Rush arrived at the venue with the feeling of a fierce battle between champions. He has no doubt that it will be one, two or three in his favor. Rush then paid the photographer $ 20 to carry the bag.

Alicia Atuto interviewed Richard Holiday about Tim Donaghy’s suspicious involvement as a referee in a Caribbean Championship match. She asked a difficult question, but didn’t get a fleshy answer. Holiday lost patience and canceled the interview.

PWI Top 10:10. Laredkid, 9. Daibari, 8. Myron Reed, 7. Milmuertes, 6. Richard Holiday, 5. Mad Kluger, 4. Lio Rush, 3. Loki, 2. Tom Lawlor, 1. Alexander Hammerstone, Champ: Jacob Fatu.

Contra vs. fraud

Simon Gotch and Daibari represented Contra against the fraudulent duo of Myron Reed and Jordan Oliver. There was no tag match. Jacob Fatu attacked fraud before the opening bell. Reed changed the course of the brawl by placing Taupe Conhiro on top of the Contra unit. Reed’s Superkick and Oliver’s Flying Cutter placed Fatu on the mat. Contra retreated as Oliver shouted that he was coming for Fatu’s money.

On the filthy island, King Mo vs. Lo-Ki and Rocky Romero will play an active role, and Dominique Galini will face Polynesian champion Mauna Loa. Salina de la Renta participated and announced the final contest. The offer to buy IWA from ElJefe was not an option. Salina employers will be delighted to see Milmuertes destroy Saviovega in the Aztec Jungle Fight. It will be a gift of the gods, as Mil Muertes will be the King of Death.

In the upcoming MLW schedule, Filthy will be next week, with Rosparks defending the tag title against Gotch and Daibari and Fatu defending the heavyweight strap against Oliver on March 3.

Title vs Title: Lio Rush vs Lared Kid

Both the MLW World Middleweight Championship and the AAA Cruiserweight Championship were on the line.

The rush took powder early, and often when Laredo was comparable to his speed. Rush was in charge of the chess game, choking Laredo with a rope and kicking Lucador from the apron. Rush used a variety of matwork, knee, kick and suplex approaches to grind Laredo.

The AAA champion surprised Rush with his stiff right hand, bringing in Michinoku’s driver and two Moonsault presses. Rush kicked the cover. Laredo has weakened the MLW champion with leg rock. The rush reached the rope to escape. After a jumping neckbreaker, Laredo missed the swan. Rush raided at 10:15 for a shock and a frog splash for victory.

Lio Rush has become a double champion. If you include the money weight, it will be triple. Rush yelled that there was a reason to call him a piece of gold. Fans will have no choice but to call him the greatest wrestler in the world.

Episode 121 Solid Show MLW Fusion.. Pillman fought hard when ACH returned to victory. Zenshi was surprised to see Tankman on roller skates a bit. I thought Tankman would crush him faster than before. I’m a fan of good guys, so it was nice to see him defeated.

Contra vs Injustice was disappointed because there was no actual match. I’ve been looking forward to it for a week with a long build. There was at least a noisy shock when Reed and Oliver actually defeated Fatu. This was different from their disguised ambush. Fatu shook him anyway when he saw the injustice coming this time. Despite its success, I expect Fatu to crush Oliver within five minutes for their next contest.

The main event was exciting. It was a bit short to be considered a candidate for this grand year’s match. They really took 20 minutes to blow off the roof. It’s interesting to witness Rush on his way to greatness in two championships at the age of 26. Rush has great charisma inside and outside the ring. He always gets my attention. I’m looking forward to what his future will be.

My biggest pop at night came for the announcement of the Aztec Jungle Fight. My eyes widened as Salina continued to use the common vocabulary known to Dario Quet. Mill Muertes intends to kill Savio, and I can’t wait.

Share your thoughts MLW Fusion.. Which match or moment stole the show?

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MLW Fusion Summary and Reaction: Lio Rush Becomes Double Champion MLW Fusion Summary and Reaction: Lio Rush Becomes Double Champion

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