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Welcome to this week’s coverage of MLW Fusion, thanks to an early copy of the show sent by Major League Wrestling. You can see the entire episode above. MLW Fusion will air every Wednesday at 7 pm (Eastern Standard Time) on YouTube and the fubu Sports Network, and Saturday at 10 pm (Eastern Standard Time) on beIN SPORTS.

Results of MLW Fusion
December 9, 2020

Zenshi vs. Calvin Tankman

The clash between a high-flying cruiserweight from Chile and one of the newest super-heavyweight wrestlers is the opposite here. Zenshi attempts some drop kicks and flashy attacks from the gate, but with little effect. He tries a sunset flip, Tankman doesn’t go down, so instead catches him with Enzuigiri. Zenshi hits the rope for follow-up, but soon hits a slam on one arm. Tankman simply throws him across the ring, starts talking about trash, and tells the “little guy” to stand up. Zenshi blocks Suplex with a nice strike, followed by a spin kick and a delayed handspring flash kick to kick the rope. He climbs the rope and appears to fly at 450, but Tankman catches him with a spinning fist. The tank man driver connects. finished.

Winner: Calvin Tankman

After the match, Tankman says he had a bit of a taste of what the “Heavyweight Hustle” would look like. He came to MLW and did the best in the world, defeated them and earned money to feed his baby at home. Good promotion.

Serena de la Renta overlooks several Aztec ruins and says her journey for revenge took her to the darkest corner of Mexico. I am looking for a man who is said to have been reborn a thousand times, who lost his entire family in an earthquake when he was young. The man who returned to Earth to rule and become a god was only robbed of the temple. Wait a minute, we’ve definitely heard this story before … Serena takes out a dagger, licks it, and summons someone called Pasquer Mendoza.

The announcer plays without knowing what’s going on, but Lucha Underground enthusiasts know that Pasquel Mendoza is the name of the man behind Mil Muertes’ mythology.

Violence is eternal (Kevin Kuh & Dominique Galini) vs.Dugan & Martyrs

Kevin Ku has been announced as the latest member of Team Filthy, and Tom Lawlor has scored the team ringside. Violence is Forever is great, and I started working on video content for them at Warrior Wrestling in Chicago. A good addition to the roster.

Galini starts the match by quickly throwing Dugan across the ring with an arm drag. He shot in and hit Dugan hard, and it rained with big slaps and elbows all over his face. Tags made on both sides. Kevin Ku keeps the martyr off his feet with a hard knife edge chop while maintaining wrist control over and over again. Galini came back and they both attacked the Suplex in the Gut Trench. Dugan retags himself, but encounters a surge in kicks from VIF. They won by hitting the Superkick variation of Chasing the Dragon.

Winner: Violence is eternal

Interview with LowKi. He says his strategy for Richard Holiday tonight is simple. He will keep it clean and knock his head off his shoulders. There are many ways he can beat a man.

Lio Rush interviews himself in his $ 100,000 car. He’s on his way to the studio to record a new hit, but it’s taking some time to congratulate MLW fans. Rio claims it’s all about the young goat “hot fire” Myron Reed, but says Myron has forgotten a few things. Mostly, he can’t decide when and where he will appear. He declined the challenge on December 23, but instructed Court Bauer to set up a January 2021 match.

Alicia Atuto interviews MLW National Openweight Champion Alexander Hammerstone. Hammerstone does not deny that Contra’s new masked man is an absolute monster, and he does not deny that he is now hurt, but none of it scares him. He announces that he has been allowed to return to the fierce competition and demands that he be in the ring with Mad Kluger.

Opera Cup Semifinal
Richard Holiday vs. Low Ki Silvestry

Holiday quickly returned LowKi to the corner and trampled him repeatedly with his boots. Low Ki escapes, but is quickly returned to the corner, elbowing his chin six times before the ref splits.

Low Ki counterattacks with a large knife edge chop. He ducks the clothesline and continues to fire with strikes and chops, but Holiday catches him in a hurry and drops his neck on the top rope. Holiday with one shoulder tackle. He hits his knees against his back, tramples his ankles, and tries to find weaknesses.

Low Ki finds a kick next to his head and takes a break. Holliday connects with a large backbreaker and quickly regains control. He hits the side headlock, but Low Ki scouts it and counters the strangler fig. Holiday rides on a rope to release the hold, but Lo-Ki is directly above him and steps into a mud hole in the corner. He runs, but takes a stiff elbow on his chin. Both men are down.

Holiday first stands up and prepares for the brainbuster, but Low Ki twists freely, catches him at the end and shakes the big man. The holiday staggers, but a huge clothesline that turns him over removes it from the rope. Low Ki does not stay down, but continues to chip with a hard kick. He comes off the rope, but is scooped up for a huge power bomb! 1 … 2 … No!

Holiday will be the face of ref. He tries a double underhook, but is put back on the rope. The Low Ki starts with an elbow attached to the corner, but is driven backwards for another close call to become a spine buster. Holiday tries the brainbuster again, but gives up on the knees. Ki catches him on a turnbuckle with a shotgun dropkick, climbs the rope and connects to Warrior’s Wrath! 1 … 2 … 3.

Winner: Low Ki

It has been officially announced that the MLW World Middleweight Championship Myron Reed vs. Lio Rush will be held on January 6, 2021 at the MLW Kings of Colosseum.

MLW World Tag Team Title Match
Von Eric (c) vs. CONTRA unit (Jacob Fatu & Simon Gotch)

Things collapse into a violent brawl and spill everywhere on the ringside before the ring announcer can even get the job done. Gotch hits Ross on the floor with a suplex, and Fatu is sent back through the curtains like grass darts.

Returning to the ring, Gotch and Ross return inward and continue to fight, and finally the bell rings. Fatu returns, tags, drops his knees on Ross’ back, and moves him in the Challenger’s corner. He pretends to give the guy a little space, but instead drops him with a superkick. Coming in is a gotch that locks the arm bar and wrenches it in a nasty direction.

The robbery continues. At one point, Fatu was caught by Lev, who had just bitten into Ross’s hand, and Gotch kicked him into his throat. unpleasant. Ross finally showed signs of life and fired with a big elbow and an end, but he gave up making the tag. Gotch’s Brainbuster. Fatu Senton.

Minutes after a completely one-sided attack from CONTRA, Ross finally crosses the rope and bridges Fatu low, creating a hot tag. Marshall illuminates Gotoh with a forearm strike and a large drop kick. Running clothesline in the corner. A big lariat is connected.Spine Buster, Jackknife Cover, but Fatu breaks it with a running sentry

All four fight around the ring again. Ross flies Fatu out with Harikan Lana. Marshall puts his claws on him and chokes the world champion through the table! ref requests a bell.

Decision: No contest

The violence rushes down to the ringside forever, attacking von Eric and Contra. The rest of Team Filthy joins them. Jordan Oliver takes part in the fight, and when the show stops broadcasting, it turns into a fierce brawl between a dozen people.

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MLW Kings of Colosseum Preview: Three World Title Matches, 1,000 Dead Men Resurrected? MLW Kings of Colosseum Preview: Three World Title Matches, 1,000 Dead Men Resurrected?

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