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You’ve probably heard the phrase “fight in a phone booth”, right?

They weren’t literally fighting at the phone booth on Saturday in Poland, Jacek Muranski When Arcadius Tankula I got pretty close.

The battle took place in Fame MMA12 and acted as a post-rim to the full card of the boxing and MMA battles.And what method to end the final action – according to TapologyThe contest was canceled because Muransky constantly broke the rules.

As if the little cage wasn’t strange and memorable, the MMA gods soaked it twice infamously, having my brother in Tapology etch it in the history of MMA, “multiple including chewing. Grabbing the cage, he decided to end the match ending with “disqualification due to fouling.” “

Oh, so are we here now?

Wait a minute! It will be more strange.For every great person CaposaMuransky, 52, replaced his son in battle. Wow, it’s hard for my son to protect at the next family event. Does his dad have to be thrown there in a mismatch and rely on chewing? It’s very annoying.

Anyway, the biggest point from now on is to remind you how wild the Polish MMA scene is. Probably one of the least cultivated in America’s major promotions. They have KSW. This is a great promotion with top-notch productions … but they also have such a crazy sh * t. So maybe they don’t need us. And I’m fine with that. Let’s keep going crazy. So that’s why we’re looking – and you’re reading this – am I right?

PS Do you think this is the closest thing to a phone booth where an unarmed battle took place? Think again, thanks to the irreproducible Fight Cyrus.

NS Blue corner MMA junkie blog space. We don’t take it too seriously, and you shouldn’t. If you complain to us that what you’ve read here isn’t a big blow, expect to repeat the previous sentence in all capital letters.

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MMA fighters scrap in 9×9 cages before DQ to bite fouls MMA fighters scrap in 9×9 cages before DQ to bite fouls

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