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Las Vegas, Nevada-July 6: John Jones is in the corner before the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship battle at the UFC 239 event at T-Mobile Arena on July 6, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada. I will wait. (Photo courtesy of Christian Petersen / Zuffa LLC / Zuffa LLC)

At the Super Bowl tonight, the world is looking to American football as Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers compete to raise the Lombardi Trophy. It’s the best event of athletic performance and strength. Like football players, MMA fighters always represent a combination of barbaric strength, speed, and athletic ability when they are fighting. With that in mind MMA sucker We have put together an MMA football team of MMA fighters that we think are good at sports.

Please note that players with a soccer background are not included in the team.So I like fighters Greg Hardy, Brock Lesnar, Matt Mitrione, Brendan Schaub, Sean jordan, Eryk Anders, And others are omitted even though they are obvious options to include in the team.

MMA Super Bowl Team


Quarterback: Stephen Thompson

The leader of the attack Stephen Thompson.. He has the classic look of an all-American quarterback and is loved by almost everyone. He will be the glue that holds the team together. Physically, his karate background gives him the footwork needed to avoid pressure from the defense and keep his balance in his pocket. His spiritual sharpness also makes him a great candidate to carry out an attack.

Running back: Tyron Woodley

Former UFC Welter Weight Champion Tyron Woodley It is a running back of the team. The “chosen one” is known for its powerful explosiveness. This is necessary to cross the border and reach the second level. The legs of his tree trunk also mean that he has the strength of the legs to pass through the tackler. Give him the ball and watch him go to work.

Full back: Anthony Johnson

Just imagine New signature Bellator Light Heavyweight Anthony Johnson Rumble towards you (intended to be a pun) trying to get your head off. Mixed martial arts fans know the power this guy has, and whether he’s blocking or holding football in his hand, while running downfield to lay out the defender It will be interesting to see how that power is displayed.

Wide receiver: Kevin Holland

“Big mouth” Kevin Holland Almost perfect size for 6’3 and about 200 lb wide receivers. He has the speed, athleticism, and creativity to get an open running route, and his skills in his hands in the Octagon can lead to catching in his hands in football. there is.In addition, he has a mouth to back it up, like a legend Chad Johnson And Terrell Owens..

Tight end: Walt Harris

UFC Heavyweight Walt Harris Is from Alabama and is king of football. Because of this, he will probably soon have one of the best football IQs on the team. He also played basketball at Jacksonville State University and shared the nickname “The Big Ticket” with NBA Hall of Fame players. Kevin Garnett..With that background, he has the ability to climb up and bring the ball to a high point, much like a fellow former college basketball player made the Hall of Fame tight end. Antonio Gates And Tony Gonzalez.. His power in the Octagon shows that he is also a good blocker when he needs it.

Tackle: Derrick Lewis

Derrick Lewis It has both the strength and maneuverability needed to anchor an attack line. A “black beast” usually indicates that he needs to lose weight to set heavyweight limits and has a size that makes him a lineman. You may not know his athletic ability by looking at him, but when he participates in the competition, it really shines. Combine it with his devastating knockout power to get a tackle to build an attack.

Security Guard: Francis Ngannou

Physical freak with a slightly smaller frame Francis Ngannou It starts with a guard. There are many possibilities for “Predator” as he demonstrated his ability to quickly acquire skills. Like his previous opponent, Lewis, he has an insane amount of power mixed with some solid athletic ability. It’s definitely a place to see the Ngannou pulling to kick the blindside defensive end.

Center: Marius Putz Anovsky

Former World’s Strongest Male Winner and KSW Veteran Marius Putz Anovsky You need to be on the soccer field somewhere because of his strength. He is not as mobile as Rozenstruik or Ngannou, and the center generally does not need to move as much as other aggressive line positions. “Pudz” gives a big impact from the line, creates a running lane in the back and gives enough time to throw in the quarterback.


Defensive Harness: Emmanuel Yarbrough

Certainly not the best MMA fighter, but Emmanuel Yarbrough It may be a defensive harness stud. Coming in 6’8 and weighing over 600 pounds, sumo wrestlers will turn to the UFC and pride veterans will be immobile in the middle. “Tiny” may not be the most maneuverable and well-conditioned athlete, but you can put yourself in a running down and force every run out of the tackle with one hand.

Defensive End: Jon Jones

Both 3 UFC Light Heavyweight Champions Jon JonesBrothers have played a high level of defensive end in the NFL. “Bones” Jones are likely to have learned one or two things from them about a growing position and have the attribute of being superior in that position. His long arms are also an asset and can prevent an aggressive lineman from getting inside to control him.Especially when it comes to heavyweight soon Bulky In a size never seen before, it’s combined with his unrivaled athleticism and solid strength to power trenches.

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Linebacker: Yoel Romero

No one wants to see “God’s Soldier” like “Rumble” Johnson mentioned above Yoel Romero Running towards them like Cuban missiles. Also, New signature Bella Toll Light Heavyweight, Romero has an Olympic medal in wrestling over his decorated MMA pedigree. He has great explosiveness and strength in that position, but his wrestling background makes it even easier to fight opponents. Hopefully, fighting fans will be able to see Romero and Johnson play in the Bellator Cage in the near future.

Cornerback: Habib Nurmagomedov

Cornerbacks need to be able to stay in front of the physically covering receiver in order to influence the route and tackle as needed. It’s a bit smaller, but it’s the best UFC lightweight champion in MMA history. Habib Nurmagomedov Conforms to the bill. All of these attributes can be applied to “Eagle”. He shows relentless pressure and physical advantage over the enemies he is looking for in the shutdown cornerback. His preference for takedowns also helps him work.

Safety: Alexander Volkanovski

As is known to most fight fans, the UFC Featherweight Champion Alexander Volkanovski I was using a weight of 214 lbs as Junk player.. Rugby teaches the player to aggressively move towards the ball and hit the player with the ball if it does not reach the ball first. This is very similar to football safety, giving Volkanovski an instinct to be a great choice for that position, despite filling the slim frame of the rugby era in 5 minutes and 6 seconds. .. Coupled with his toughness, “The Great” could be the main force behind the defense.

Special team

Kicker: Jose Aldo

Former UFC Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo The kicker for the team. Many of the NFL kickers come from a football background, and Aldo grew up playing sports, so it makes no difference. The background will probably give him the accuracy needed to make a field goal, while his patented leg kick shows that he has the power to kick with great force on his foot. I have.

Panther: Edson Barboza

Like Aldo, UFC Featherweight Candidate Edson Barbosa Has some of the most powerful kicks in MMA. His kick could be stronger than the man he shares the “junior” nickname and will be a panther for booting the ball deeper and repositioning the field. Accuracy is not a factor in punts, as long as the ball is kicked straight with some ability. This will make him a great kickoff specialist as well.

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MMA Fighters who can form a Super Bowl winning team MMA Fighters who can form a Super Bowl winning team

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