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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates-January 22: (LR) Opponents during the weighing of the UFC 257 at Etihad Arina on UFC Fight Island on January 22, 2021 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. New Zealand Dan Hooker and Michael Chandler face off. (Photo courtesy of Jeff Bottari / Zuffa LLC)

MMA Sucka staff choose Locked in place for a must-see night of battle.Tonight, January 23 UFC 257 It will be held from “UFC Fight Island” in Etihad Arena, Abu Dhabi. The main card will start live at 10 pm EST (7 pm EST) and can be purchased in pay-per-view through ESPN +.

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UFC257 Fight

Two thrilling lightweight pairings will be the first PPV headlines in 2021. At the main event Dustin Poirier And Conor McGregor Potentially a title eliminator. Poirier looked the best of his career, suffering the only defeat in the unification of the belt and sitting 5-1 until the last six innings. Habib Nurmagomedov..Former interim championship in June last year Dan Hooker, Scoring unanimous decisions. His opponent, McGregor, did Poirier’s quick job with a knockout of less than two minutes at his first meeting over six years ago. The Irish have once fought since losing their belt to Nurmagomedov mentioned above.Knock out and arrive in just 40 seconds Donald Cerrone January last year.

Dan Hooker And Michael chandler It is set for battle in the joint main event. Auckland’s Hooker appears to bounce after losing to the aforementioned Poirier in the 2020 “Fight of the Year”. Former NCAA wrestler Chandler made his promotional debut after nearly a decade of stints with Bellator and the reign of multiple championships.

Violation of COVID-19 protocol from Friday Ottoman Azeital I saw his removal from the event and promotion.As a result, pairing with him Matt Frebora As a result, the battle was removed from the main card. Frevola will continue to play against new opponents, but staff picks will only count four battles.See them UFC 257 Further down.

UFC 246

What the staff chose

Throughout the calendar year, staff picks consist of main card battles from UFC And Bellator MMA Event. PFL Debuting in April, additional promotions will be decided this weekend.

The winner of the staff selected in 2021 will have the option of receiving a custom-made championship belt. ProAmBelts Or chain from Championship chain.. 3 years in a row Michael Desantis He won the 2020 victory, which set the record for 201-88. Connor Dietrich He finished second with the tightest 199-90 record to date in the MMA Sucka season.

See who the staff chooses to win UFC 257: Poirier vs. McGregor 2 Less than.

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Later staff record ABC1 UFC:

1T. Jeremy Brand: 3-2
1T. Michael DeSantis: 3-2
1T. Mitchell Banuelos: 3-2
1T. Connor Dietrich: 3-2
1T. Dunrose: 3-2
6T. Wesley Riddle: 2-3
6T. Matt Bricker: 2-3
6T. Andrew Benjamin: 2-3
6T. Nate Freeman: 2-3
6T. Joshua Yule: 2-3
6T. Kenny Lee: 2-3
12T. Ash Kamiyab: 1-4
12T. Fraser Clone: ​​1-4

* Note: Not all staff choose all events *
* Note: The ESPN 20 Pick UFC will be added to the above record next weekend *

Marina Rodriguez (12-1-2) vs. Amanda Rivas (10-1)

Jeremy Brand: Rivas via UD
Wesley Riddle: Rivas via UD
Michael DeSantis: Ribs via UD
Mitchell Banuelos: Rivas via UD
Matt Bricker: Ribs via UD
Connor Deitrich: Ribs via Round 1 SUB
Ash Camyab: Ribs via UD
Andrew Benjamin: Rivas via UD
Frazer Krohn: Ribs via UD
Dunrose: Rivas via Round 2 SUB
Mike Lynch: Rivas via UD
Nate Freeman: Rivas via UD
Joshua Yule: Ribs via UD
Kenny Lee: Rivas via UD

Staff choosing Rodriguez: 14
Staff choosing Rivas: 0

Jessica Eye (15-8) vs. Joanne Calderwood (14-4)

Jeremy Brand: Calderwood via UD
Wesley Riddle: Calderwood via UD
Michael DeSantis: Calderwood via UD
Mitchell Banuelos: Calderwood via UD
Matt Bricker: Calderwood via SD
Connor Deitrich: Calderwood via UD
Ash Camyab: Calderwood via UD
Andrew Benjamin: Eyes via SD
Frazer Krohn: Calderwood via SD
Dunrose: Calderwood via UD
Mike Lynch: Calderwood via Round 2 TKO
Nate Freeman: Calderwood via SD
Joshua Yule: Calderwood via UD
Kenny Lee: Calderwood via UD

Staff picking eye: 1
Staff choosing Calderwood: 13

Dan Hooker (20-9) vs. Michael Chandler (21-5)

Jeremy Brand: Chandler via UD
Wesley Riddle: Chandler via Round 1 TKO
Michael DeSantis: Hooker via Round 2 TKO
Mitchell Banuelos: Hooker via UD
Matt Bricker: Hooker via Round 1 TKO
Connor Deitrich: Hooker via UD
Ash Camyab: Hooker via Round 3 TKO
Andrew Benjamin: Chandler via Round 1 TKO
Frazer Krohn: Hooker via Round 1 TKO
Dunrose: Hooker via Round 3 TKO
Mike Lynch: Chandler via UD
Nate Freeman: Chandler via SD
Joshua Yule: Hooker via Round 2 TKO
Kenny Lee: Hooker via UD

Staff to choose hooker: 9
Staff choosing Chandler: 5

Dustin Poirier (26-6, North Carolina 1) vs. Conor McGregor (22-4)

Jeremy Brand: McGregor via Round 1 TKO
Wesley Riddle: McGregor via Round 2 TKO
Michael DeSantis: McGregor via Round 2 TKO
Mitchell Banuelos: Poirier via UD
Matt Bricker: McGregor via Round 3 TKO
Conor Dietrich: McGregor via Round 3 TKO
Ash Camyab: McGregor via Round 1 TKO
Andrew Benjamin: McGregor via Round 2 TKO
Frazer Krohn: McGregor via Round 2 TKO
Dunrose: McGregor via Round 1 TKO
Mike Lynch: Poirier via Round 3 TKO
Nate Freeman: Poirier via UD
Joshua Yule: McGregor via Round 2 TKO
Kenny Lee: McGregor via Round 1 TKO

Staff choosing Poirier: 3
Staff choosing McGregor: 11

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MMA Sucka UFC257 staff recommendations MMA Sucka UFC257 staff recommendations

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