Mob Mentality is a fantasy Tapfest with an addictive gameplay loop, released on Android

Forming a mob is not always recommended, but if you are a villager in a medieval fantasy world, you may have to go out with tools to maintain your way of life.

Mob Mentality from indie developer Engineered Chaos Games is an addictive casual RPG that can be played not only as a single monster hunting hero, but as a whole mob.

In each round, you’ll be adventuring, hitting different enemies, tapping repeatedly to death, and repeating this process until you meet an unkillable monster. At that point, build a trench in the village.

With the exception of monsters, your enemies are time. You have 30 seconds to kill each, and as they get tougher it gets harder and harder to wipe them out before your time runs out.

Fortunately, each monster you kill produces a relic, an in-game currency that you can spend on a variety of different upgrades and expansions. You can also buy new weapons and ancient devices that facilitate passage with perks such as auto-tapping.

Armed with these formidable benefits, you’ll be able to kill more monsters next time, buy even better ones, and give the whole game an incredibly addictive progression loop.

Like real mobs, in-game mobs are made up of individuals with unique characteristics. Certain upgrades are specific to certain mob members. For example, if you purchase the Stroll of the Valkyrie upgrade for Ms Milkes, as long as you make Ms Milkes the mob leader for that round, the entire mob will get a 10% ess boost. ..

This is a clean system that helps to avoid repetition while giving this casual game a healthy strategy and nuances. This is because the entire mob character changes depending on who wears the crown.

Mob Mentality is now available for free download on Google Play.

Mob Mentality is a Fantasy Tapfest with an Addictive Gameplay Loop, Out Now on Android

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