Mobile is a free-play action shooter set in the Just Cause universe.

Stephanie Nannery, Saturday, December 12, 2020 17:57 GMT

A game set in the Just Cause universe is coming to mobile.

Square Enix announces Just Cause: Mobile, Just Cause A free-play action shooter set in the universe and designed specifically for mobile platforms.

Expanding the world of the series, this game has both single-player and multiplayer experiences, with top-down gameplay for many fights, glides, and shoots.

In the game, you can team up with others online to complete competitive multiplayer and co-op missions and get equipment and upgrades to confront your enemies during solo play.

You can create and customize your own character before experiencing the single player story campaign. In this campaign, you’ll rank up, partner with the Just Cause characters in the series, and take on missions to the organization Darkwater.

The game starts in four game modes.

Story campaign

  • Experience a whole new, action-packed story set in the world of Just Cause. As a member of the agency’s secret program, Firebrand, explore large open-world locations, fight the Darkwater army, and allied with famous characters from past Just Cause iterations.

30 competitive multiplayer

  • Compete online in fast-paced multiplayer. Three teams of 10 players use explosive weapons and vehicles to fight across vast maps to secure bases and score points. Players can also clan with teammates to earn big rewards.

Cooperation mission

  • Team up with a team of four to complete challenging missions where players ride the waves of enemies. Choose the perfect loadout and blow up tough enemies such as heavy tanks and armored mechas.

Challenge mode

  • Looking for additional challenges to test your skills? Challenge mode requires you to achieve high scores in three different challenges, from causing destruction to getting the best lap time. Complete the destruction, wingsuit, and race challenges to earn additional rewards for your agents.

Just Cause: Mobile will be available for free on Android and iOS in 2021.

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Just Cause: Mobile is a free to play action-shooter set in the Just Cause universe

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