Modder creates an N64 smaller than the original controller

Making the old console as small as possible is a well-established tradition in the mods community, and there may be new winners in the competition to shrink the Nintendo 64 as much as possible (via input). GmanModz has reduced the N64 to a size smaller than the GameCube controller and slightly larger than the required cartridge.

Yes, it’s a cartridge. This is not an emulator. This is a real Nintendo 64 that has been cut, soldered, or otherwise modified to fit in a handheld package with a screen, battery, and controls (the joystick is from the Nintendo Switch, chosen for its small size) Has been) Size).

The 3.5-inch screen is smaller than the one you use when playing the N64, with a resolution of 320 x 240. The shell is made up of two different plastics, with the back getting hotter. Tolerance — An important consideration when using motherboards designed to fit in spacious home video game consoles.

Modder is no wonder to create a portable version of the console. We have also modded the form factor (twice) inspired by the Game Boy Advance SP. However, for this mod, they gave themselves a challenge. Do not custom design the board. There are several third-party boards available in the online mod shop, but these are not specifically created for this build. GmanModz states that this is “fair” to the smallest former N64 record owner.

In a video showing the project, Gman Modz admits it’s not the best portable Nintendo 64 experience. But that doesn’t really matter. The key is to make the smallest portable N64, and they clearly achieved that. “Battery life is short and hard to hold, but hey. It fits in my pocket. Do you have your N64?”

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