Modern Warfare Double XP Tokens no longer work in Call of Duty: Warzone

If you play enough Duty Modern Warfare Call Or War zoneYou may have unlocked at least some double XP tokens, or 2XP tokens when the game calls. These were primarily available in the Seasonal Battle Pass for games that share progress. These tokens were used to give double experience rewards for periods such as 15 minutes, 30 minutes, and even up to 1 hour.However, none of these tokens will work after the Season 1 update on Wednesday. War zone Already.

When War zone After the update was published, the player logged in to the game. Many players were surprised to see the 2XP tokens they had accumulated since the previous season. It simply disappeared from their menu. After all, tokens aren’t technically gone and can only be used in the following places: Modern Warfare Now, but not War zone.. The player was not satisfied.

As one player points out, these XP tokens are actually a premium version War zone And Modern Warfare The Battle Pass, that is, people paid to get them.Currently, those features are exclusively restricted Modern WarfareMultiplayer mode, some games War zone The player may not own it.

A possible reason for these to be disabled is that the new season updates add new levels that players can earn and new weapons to upgrade. This is affected by the 2XP token. This may have progressed a bit faster than Treyarch and Activision originally intended.

Of course, just because an old token isn’t working doesn’t mean it’s completely missing. Instead, Treyarch has introduced its own 2XP token. These tokens can be earned (or purchased) with new tokens. Black Ops Cold War/War zone Season 1 Battle Pass. Don’t forget to use them during the Black Ops Cold War season so you don’t suddenly get locked behind games you don’t own when the next game in the series arrives.

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