Modern Warfare-Warzone Full Damascus (S0-S6) -4 Obsidian Gun-4 Tracer-No Shadow Van-Holoreticle-3 Akimbo-2,49 KD

We are professional sellers
And a reliable seller

Plenipotentiary access Given to buyers whose account includes: Email password And backup code.
For this account Complete information, complete security.

My contact details: I have many other accounts + good offer on my stock Please contact me.
Discord: FarhadYounG # 9347
Facebook: farzad.mobarak.71
Telegram: @Farzad_siR @Farzad_siR
Skype: [email protected]

Attention important: This account is completely secure and Shadow does not ban it. (All platforms)

Note 2 PC only Player: If HWID is banned before it is banned, this account guarantees 100% HWID ban-no spoofing required.

Dismemberment Confession-Death Trap-Slaughterhouse-Crimson Pool

Tracer Pack: Purple Bullets Grau 5.56 (Prototype: Alpha)-MP7 (Prototype: Omega)-Shadow Bullets AN-94 (The Company’s Might)-Light & Dark Bullets AUG (Al Rukh)-AS VAL (Malphas)-Pink Bullets M4A1 (Break) Up) P90 (Casanova)
3akimbo unlock
All weapons Damascus, including launchers
Obsidian Gun: Kilo 141-M4A1-MP5-MP7
All Operator Specials —> Billy Halloween
289 Cards-Emblem 220
All guns unlocked, maxed out up to s6
1,729 wins in multiplayer killing 59,462 people K / D ratio 1.16
Wins271 On Warzone-13,278 Kill-2.49KD
Many reticles have been unlocked (Holo DotBlue)
Career level: 1144 Completely from maximum S0-S5
Two tokens for renaming-this account has two renaming

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