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The new amateur status rules for golf were published by the USGA and R & A prior to the effective date of January 1, 2022. This is the latest step by the governing body to make the Rules understandable and easy to apply and will follow the process of modernizing the Rules of Golf in 2019. The new rules were communicated by feedback from golfers and the golf industry as part of a comprehensive review. We guarantee that millions of golfers around the world will continue to reflect how they play modern games.

This review reaffirmed the value of maintaining the important position of amateur golf in the game and the amateur status rules, along with the global feedback received when the proposal was publicly shared earlier this year.

The result is a set of rules that removes many of the restrictions previously applied to amateur golfers, while protecting the integrity of the game by limiting the form and value of awards that amateur golfers can accept. ..

As part of its modernization efforts, the new rules only identify the following actions that would result in a golfer losing his amateur status:

  • Receive prizes worth exceeding the prize limit ($ 1000 / £ 700) or receive prizes in a handicap contest.
  • Play as a professional.
  • Accept payments for instruction (although all current exceptions, such as institutional instruction and support for approved programs, will continue to apply).
  • Professional employment of golf clubs or membership of the Professional Golfers Association.

The following important changes have been introduced to achieve this simplified approach:

  • Distinguish between scratch and handicap competitions in terms of potentially acceptable prizes.
  • The prize rules apply only to tee-to-hole competitions on golf courses or simulators, but no longer apply to long-drive, putting, and skill competitions that are not part of the tee-to-hole competition.
  • Eliminate advertising, expense-related, and sponsorship restrictions.

Elite amateur golfers looking for ways to cover their golf-related costs, with the new opportunities offered by lifting sponsorship restrictions and the ability to accept prizes up to $ 1000 or £ 700 in scratch-only competitions. It will be a big advantage for you.

“Golf is unique in that it appeals to both recreational and competitive players,” said Craig Winter, Senior Director of the Rules of Golf and Amateur Status at the USGA. “This is highlighted in the feedback we received earlier this year, and these updates simplify these rules and ensure the long-term health of amateur games as well as those competing in the highest levels of amateur golf. We believe it will help millions of golfers of all ages and skill levels to enjoy competitive events on their home courses. “

Grant Moir, R & A Rule Director, said: These rules play an important role in protecting the integrity of our self-regulating sport, but the code needs to evolve to meet the needs of modern games. This is especially important for modern elite amateur golf, where many players compete and need financial support to reach their full potential. The new rules give them this opportunity to help make the game more comprehensive. “

The new rules come with guidance notes, an overview document, and a detailed explanation of why the changes were made and, in some cases, why the changes did not change.

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Modernized rules for golf amateur status published Modernized rules for golf amateur status published

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