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Modi, Shah’s tycoon robber, “Paris Baltan” in Delhi instead of Bengal: Mamata Banerjee

Launched a new tilade for the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of West Bengal Mama Tabanergie Called him and the Interior Minister on Sunday Amit Shah A “big robber”, he wanted to know how money was generated by canceling an investment in a public sector unit.

Mr Banerjee said the Modisher administration was “in command of the syndicate” while working on a rally following a protest march over LPG price increases, and Kim was free to replace under their supervision.

She bumped into Modi over his “ashol’parivartan” (real change) jibe during a rally in Kolkata earlier that day, saying “Paris Baltan will happen in Delhi, not Bengal.”

The prime minister said he had promised to realize “Ashor Paris Baltan” in West Bengal in the state capital.

The call for’parivartan’is first TMC A 2011 parliamentary poll sought to end the 34-year leftist rule.

While tied to polls, he accused the prime minister of “lying to mislead voters,” and the CM still told Modi that he had previously “promised by him” to all citizens’ bank accounts. Requested an explanation that he did not deposit 15 rupees. 2014 Lok Sabha poll.

“How much money did you make by selling rails? Air india and Coal India Ltd? It was Ujjwala before the election and changed to “jumla” after the poll.

“How much money did you get during the corruption under Ujiwara Yojana? The whole country knows about the Modi Shah Syndicate,” Banerjee said.

Crude oil prices are declining around the world, but fuel prices have peaked in India, said TMC’s energetic supremo.

“You have made many empty promises. People do not accept your falsehoods every day. We demand that you make LPG cylinders affordable for all citizens of the country. You We have made the LPG cylinder inaccessible to the general public, “Banerjee said in her speech.

“The state has embarked on several development projects and built metal roads connecting major boulevards. The center is doing nothing as part of it,” she said, citing the government’s achievements in Bengal. Stated.

Mentioning that Modi delved into TMC’s “Kerahove” poll slogan, she said, “That means we’re ready for your challenge, and we … The game (Kerahob) will be played before. I am open to face-to-face discussions. ”

During the mega rally in Kolkata, the prime minister accused the people of the state, who believed that Banerjee would make a difference after the rule on the left, “betrayed.”

“Bengal chose you for the role of’Didi'(sister), but you preferred to be’Bua'(aunt) over’Batya’ (nephew Abhishek Bachnersey),” he said. ..

Claiming that the Prime Minister had addressed a vacant lot in Kolkata between Japan and China, Mr. Banerjee said, “When Modi began his speech on a program like’Man Ke Bart’, people announced another anti-people movement. Like the 2016 Note Bandy, who feels afraid to annoy them by doing. ”

“He speaks in Bengali, but the script is always written in Gujarati and kept under a transparent glass plate in front of him. He pretends to speak in Bengali without help. I’m just doing it, “she said.

The commercial also countered Modi’s claim that crimes against women were increasing in the state: “He knows little about the situation on earth. In Bengal, unlike Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh, women are 10 pm Sometimes you can move around freely. Both BJP-controlled countries). ”

She claimed that the Saffron Party knew nothing about Bengal and its culture.

“Your party destroyed the bust of Vidia Sagar. Your party disgraced Birsa Munda. Your party mistakenly said that Rabindranath Tagore was born in Santiniketan. This is Bengal. It shows your deep knowledge of the culture, “she said.

Mr. Banerjee called on everyone to speak out against the “rioting BJP,” saying, “Bengalis who have abandoned community and language barriers and lived in peace are serious if they have a saffron-like division. You will be threatened. ” The party takes power in the state. ”

Banerjee further slammed into the prime minister to “include his photo in the COVID-19 vaccination certificate,” noting that Modi never flew Bengal during a pandemic, “in fear. I was sitting at home, but I traveled to different areas and visited hospitals. ”

Modi, Shah’s tycoon robber, “Paris Baltan” in Delhi instead of Bengal: Mamata Banerjee Modi, Shah’s tycoon robber, “Paris Baltan” in Delhi instead of Bengal: Mamata Banerjee

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