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Comparisons between players are not different in cricket. From time to time, many cricketers are batters, bowlers, fielders, or all-rounders, and receive different types of ratings because fans and experts are constantly assessing between the two individuals.

Some of the most famous comparisons in fascinating games are Sachin Tendulkar And Brian Lara, And in the meantime Muttiah Muralitharan And Shane Warne. When it comes to modern cricket, the two players who are always on the radar Virat Kohli And Babar Azam..

There are significant differences between the career graphs of Kori and Babar, but this pair has been compared several times. Some consider Kori to be a great figure of our time, while others consider Babar to be the best batter.

The biggest reason some fans like to talk about Bavar in the same breath as Kori is his best consistency across the format. The performance that won the regular match also awarded Babar the captains of the T20I and ODI teams.

Speaking of Indian skippers, he has an average of over 50 batters in all formats, so he has complete control over the present.Under his leadership, Team India has also reached ICC World Test Championship (WTC) Final..

Former Pakistani batter who sheds light on the bright red topic Mohammad Yusuf I praised both batters. But he gave Kori an edge. Yousuf, one of Pakistan’s best batters during his career, praised the Indian captain for his health and said that was the main reason behind his success. ..

“I’ve never seen him practice, but I’m following some of his training videos on Twitter and elsewhere. Someone asks me what modern cricket is today. Then I think it’s about training. Today’s athletes are as healthy and fast as Virat Kohli, which is the reason behind his great performance. “ Yousuf said at the YouTube show’Crycast.. “

Yousuf claimed that Kori is far ahead of Babal, as the Indian superstar has about 12,000 runs and has 70 international centuries in his name.

“He spent the 70th century with ODI and testing. At ODI, he has run about 12000 times and is approaching the 10k mark on testing. Even on the T20I, he has some great things. Has a number. His performance in all three eras is top notch. “ Added 46 years old.

However, Lahore-born Babar appreciated his diligence and felt that young aspiring cricketers should follow the talented Pakistani skippers.

“Babar has been working on his talent. He has undergone rigorous training and practice. I keep telling these young players that the harder they work on the practice, the easier it will be to play. . Babal is doing it all the time and watch. “ Yousuf has added more.

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Mohammad Yousuf spills beans in a comparison of Virat Kohli and Babar Azam Mohammad Yousuf spills beans in a comparison of Virat Kohli and Babar Azam

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