Mojang doesn’t want Minecraft Wardens to be killed

In a recent MinecraftLive presentation, Mojang is, to appear in an update of the Caves & Cliffs next summer, so many of the new block, function, introduced the mob (Hello, axolotl). Among them is this terrifying beast, Warden. They live in the biome of the Deep Dark Cave. I know there is a confident adventurer out there who thinks “Yes, I’m going to kill it” because Warden is in poor health and can slap you to do a lot of damage. I know During a new Q & A session on updates, Mojang says you want to not, or at least they wouldn’t recommend to you.

Mojang has addressed a number of questions from players regarding this new video update. The answers to many of them are summarized as “I can’t say yet” or “Maybe, but I won’t commit.” But they had a decent chunk to talk about the huge and scary Warden. As a review, these terrifying hulks live in the darkest parts of the cave, and instead of looking through their eyes, they sense vibrations with an antenna in their head.

When asked if the name “Warden” means protecting something special, Mojang’s Brandon Earrings don’t necessarily protect anything, but they live in. He says there will be plenty of chests and loot in the Deep Dark Biome. You intend to steal loot, but you won’t defeat local predators.

“Warden is not a boss,” says Pierce. “It’s like a natural disaster. When the tornado is heading towards you, it doesn’t try to swing the sword with the tornado. You try to escape from it.” During their public stream, Mojan Hinted at the atmosphere of this kind of survival horror they want to revive with Warden.

“With this mob, we really wanted to make sure we got that feeling back on the first night of Minecraft,” Pearce said then. “It’s easy to forget that Minecraft can be a pretty scary game, so I wanted to make sure I got back to it.” It’s been a few years, yes. I remember in the early days of Minecraft, instead of facing zombies and skeletons, I was trying to escape from them.

To further promote the fruitless nature of facing Warden directly, Pierce says that killing it may not even drop the loot, but that has not yet been fully determined. Instead, Pierce mentions the possibility of a trophy item that indicates your conquest against Warden without urging players to go looking for resources. Warden’s squid on Mojang’s Liber Stream has done so much damage that it’s a feat worth celebrating.

Apart from all the Warden details in the Q & A, Mojang provided answers for some other Caves & Cliffs updates. Sadly, you won’t be able to ride a goat. Mojang also seems to have a maximum build height higher than the current 255 block limit. Although low in the past, raising the cap again raises potential performance concerns, they say.

Mojang hasn’t set a specific date for the Caves & Cliffs update, but will release it in the summer of 2021.

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Mojang don’t want you to fight the scary Wardens in Minecraft’s Caves & Cliffs update

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