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UFC Flyweight Molly McCann turned to the title venture in 2023, but in the meantime, there’s another cause, close to the flyweight’s heart and important.

As a strong supporter of Rainbow race In the organization, colored shoelaces have become equipment to include all people regardless of orientation. Molly McCann Is a member of the Rainbow Laces team and recently became an ambassador for the LGBTQ portion of the sports campaign.

“Meatballs” like to prepare for the competition by expressing those colored shoelaces. As an MMA fighter who struggled to announce her sexual identity, she believes that becoming an ambassador can reach and encourage more viewers.

“When I was fighting and traveling the world, I wondered,’How can I show my support for what I’m doing?’ So I put the laces in my boxing gloves and, if I was wrestling, I put the laces in my boots. McCann Said..

“For me, I’ve been running away from who I was for a long time. It was my sports, coaches, and gyms that I could come out with,” McCann said.

McCann believes that sports should always provide a safe haven for individuals. In her particular situation, “meatballs” acknowledge the credit of her MMA team and Jim for helping her come out positively.

“Sports must always be a safe place for someone, whether they’re leaving an abusive home or family life or escaping the reality of who they are,” McCann said.

Despite the obstacles of being an open athlete, Molly McCann is determined to create her own champion with the help of the LGBTQ community behind her. As the new ambassador for the Rainbow Racing Sports Campaign, Revapdorian hopes to have a lasting impact on the future support of the LGBTQ community.

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Molly McCann Acts as Ambassador for LGBTQ Sports Campaign Molly McCann Acts as Ambassador for LGBTQ Sports Campaign

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