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Minnesota Duluth and Captain Noakates (left), St. Cloud State University and Seamas Donowe split two games in Duluth over the weekend (Photo: Tom Nelson / St. Cloud State University). has 10 features every Monday, selecting the top 10 moments last weekend.

1. Happy New Year, college hockey

The college hockey season began in November, but this weekend was the official grand reopening of the 2020-21 season, when all six conferences held their first league match. It was the first time for everyone to work on the same day on Sunday, and all 14 ranked teams, including the top 10 teams and 7 teams, kept records from potential challengers.

Minnesota’s first team won a 4-1 victory in a two-match series against Arizona State University, but the Gophers followed the match with a 1-0 count after the first period. Minnesota was pulled out for the first time this year, but national championship candidates won 4-1 with two goals from Sampo Lanta.

Minnesota always intended to chase someone at some point this year, but it wasn’t too surprising when that happened. Still, Jack Lafontaine scored more than 25 saves and allowed only one goal. Sunday’s result was the seventh match in which the country’s top team allowed less than one goal.

2. Happy New Year, ECAC Hockey

The COVID-19 pandemic caused more disruption to ECAC than any other league. The eight-team opt-out threatened the league’s overall schedule, and the non-conference slate for most Atlantic hockey teams had some up and down results. It felt a bit like the four teams were drifting as the other leagues heated up the match, at least until they were able to step on each other’s ice.

It finally happened on New Year’s Eve, when Quini Piac played his first match at St. Lawrence, and Bobcat recovered from a separate one-goal deficit to force overtime at the refurbished Appleton Arena Saints home opener. .. Odeen Tufto first drew 1-1, but Ty Smilanic’s extra attacker’s goal forced him to work overtime as he had more time left in the third period.Taft took over from there and scored a second point in the shootout.

It was one of two shootouts on the weekend. The other scored a second goal between Clarkson and Colgate after the Raiders scored twice on Sunday and the Golden Knights won the league opening on Saturday. The match on Sunday was held separately at the same time as the return of Quini Piac and St. Lawrence. This is a remarkable achievement of the 4-team league.

3. Happy New Year, Bowling Green

The steady rise in Bowling Green in the weekly rankings was an early story of the season, but the 2021 ball drop couldn’t stop the Falcons meteor rise before the weekend series against Ferris State University. did. They won both games, scored 6 points and continued their drive to put pressure on Minnesota in the WCHA ruling class elite.

On Saturday in the third period, four different scorers turned on the red lamp with a 10-minute stretch against the bulldog, and both Sam Craggs and Connorford scored in power play. Cameron Wright continued to be one of the top scorers in the country with two goals and assists in the game, and Brandon Creuset added assists to the fifth goal of the season that came in the first period.

Ferris State University changed the story the next night by leading the first period 1-0, but Bowling Green quickly rebounded with two goals before the end of the period. The second period of the more fierce battle tied the game before the third period, but Wright scored another game victory goal before the empty netter in the second half gave the Falcons a 4-2 victory. ..

The victory launched Bowling Green 11-1-0 in the season, securing the Falcons spot as one of the most interesting pieces of today’s national poll. Their eight goals against Feliz were the first team to score 50 goals this season and were maintained as one of two teams with an average of more than four goals per game due to the output of four duels. .. Meanwhile, their defense remained the third largest in the country after Minnesota and Minnesota.

4. Happy New Year, Canicius

Canisius College suspended the men’s hockey program on December 8 when members of the Golden Griffins Tier I staff tested positive. An unexpected break postponed the Atlantic hockey schedule after the start of the weekend, creating a 36-day gap between games when the calendar moved to 2021. Last weekend, Canicius finally played the third and fourth games of the year, winning six. -The longest-running rival, Mercy Hurst’s point sweep.

The glyphs scored three times during the third period of the first game and scored a span of four minutes and two goals in the second half of the game. When the Lakers scored in less than five seconds, it gave the team a 3-1 lead and ended up as a one-goal game, but goalkeeper Matt Rudd scored a shutout with a 3-0 victory on Sunday.

Everyone was hoping for a postponement and suspension throughout the hockey season, but it was encouraging to see the Atlantic hockey team wipe out the only team that beat the bowling green this year. Golden Griffins came in third with 9 out of 12 points, right behind Robert Morris and directly in front of RIT and Sacred Heart.

5. Happy new year.

I’m still obsessed with the old-fashioned one-goal game, and I’m against Minnesota Duluth’s return to St. Cloud State University on Saturday as the shootout ends with an overtime winner before earning additional league points. I can imagine the excitement of.

There was a little bit of everything in this game. There were four power play goals, including three in the second phase, and the team exchanged three different leads. Neither team always led beyond the goal, and Husky gathered twice to connect the bulldog in the first and second periods.

Noah Kates stole the show in an end-to-end rush of overtime, although Kobe Los Angeles’ power play goal was needed in the third period to formally tie the game for overtime. He used almost the entire right wing at that length before crossing the railroad tracks on the blue line of St. Cloud, and his goal touched on a maroon-covered celebration in the middle of an additional session.

I lost all objectivity when he slipped on the ice. That was amazing.

6. Happy New Year in the Pitcher duel at Pennsylvania State University

It is very rare to witness a pitcher duel as it takes place between Michigan and Penn on Sunday. The game has virtually no penalties or stops compared to some of the high-scoring slug fests over the years, and the Nittany Lions scored 1-with Sam Stern Shine’s unassisted goals in the first period. I won with 0.

There were 55 confrontations in the game, but Mason Snell took the game’s only penalty in the second period, after which a matching minor sent him and Jaguar Joshua to the box. DrewDeRidder and OskarAutio have been saved 51 times in total.

It was just as beautiful. After the match, the equipment people may not even have to do the laundry.

7. Happy New Year to the Upper Peninsula

Michigan Technological University swept Alabama Huntsville this weekend, keeping pace with both Minnesota and Bowling Green in the early rounds of WCHA, making it the first game with three goals in a second period featuring a 17-5 margin. Won. It’s all working, but I’d rather mention the Huskys 100th Anniversary jersey in that game.

The huskys are off-white, with a black stripe on the central coat of arms and an old-fashioned logo, these aesthetics pop out. I felt like I was back in the days of Kabuhaug and the University of Mining and Technology of Michigan.

Hockey itself won the University of Michigan 4-0 on Saturday and 2-1 on Sunday. Thank you for gaining UAH’s courage before the end of the first period of the second game, but Michigan Technological University had too much defense throughout the second and third periods. Mark Sinclair only had to save 19 times, 9 of which were clean one-thirds with no penalties.

8. Happy New Year, Robert Morris

Robert Morris got a lot of attention when he reached 20th place in this year’s national poll, but his short-lived colonial stay is worth seeing again after the team has run through three leagues in four days. There is. Playing on New Year’s Eve, RMU won a RIT sweep over the weekend after passing Niagara 6-1 and won two at home.

Each game featured different aspects of the program prototype and template. On December 31, Niagara beat RMU 17-6 in the first period, but the Colonials scored a goal, scoring a 4-0 advantage in the second period and a 6-0 advantage in the third period. They also took a 1-0 lead in the first game with RIT, but entered the third period in Thai Game before scoring a winning goal in the game at the midpoint. They then held a 3-0 and 4-1 lead after RIT led a crazy dash comeback in the second half of the second and third periods.

RMU is one of the machine-like teams that can win all types of games. The Colonials were 6-0 when they led after the first period and scored their first goal in 9 out of 11 games. They hold 3 wins if they draw or drag after 2 periods, but if they lead after 2 periods, they are not losing the league match. They can score in power play and run deep in scoring, defense and goaltending.

Atlantic hockey teams other than American International have no better track record, but the Yellowjackets won’t see the colonial this year unless the teams meet in the postseason. The reverse is also true.

9. Happy New Year, Hockey East Goalkeeper

Team USA’s three shutouts at the IIHF World Junior Championships are the most Americans to date in a single tournament, before Slovakia misses a goal beyond Spencer Knight in the 2021 Championship Tournament quarterfinals. In addition, the team set a new record with consecutive shutouts.

Knight made his first hiccups in the opening game with Russia, but has gained serious praise behind the stingy American defense. He is one of two goalkeepers with an ERA of less than 2.00 and an ERA of less than 8 allowed throughout the tournament. At some point, a confrontation with Canada’s Devon Levi is imminent.

Levi is a name unrecognizable to college hockey fans because he didn’t play in Northeastern this year, but Knight from Montreal shut out twice in his first five appearances. He is below the average number of goals per game and holds the highest .967 save rate in the tournament. The recent 3-0 shutout, which defeated the Czech Republic, led top-seeded Canada to the semi-finals against Russia.

10. Almost Happy New Year, Long Island

A strange week in Atlantic hockey brought college hockey to Long Island almost on two separate occasions for LIU. The original series of sharks against Bentley was supposed to play a second game at the Northwell Health Ice Center on Saturday, but due to a weekend postponement, before LIU replaced the series with Home and Home for American International College. It was temporarily placed on the ice.

The Yellowjackets won the first game at home with a score of 2-1 but the second game scheduled at the Eisenhower Park facility was emptied due to late cancellations.

The LIU series against Bentley is pending, but the next series, scheduled regularly at home, will face Niagara completely on January 15-16. Both games are assigned to the Northwell Health Ice Center, a practice facility in New York Islanders, which puts LIU in a thick hockey rate. The Islanders will face the Rangers twice at Madison Square Garden with their home opener to play against the Boston Bruins.

— Paula Weston contributed to 10 this Monday.

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Monday 10: 2021 starts roaring and celebrates the New Year with college hockey tiles.College hockey Monday 10: 2021 starts roaring and celebrates the New Year with college hockey tiles.College hockey

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