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By Colin McGuire, staff (@McGMondays)

I wrote about a wrestler cut by WWE only a month ago. Samoa Joe felt the most shocked, but saying goodbye to The IIconics was a bit short-sighted to WWE. Overall, it became common after WrestleMania. The release felt like it came out of nowhere, but it essentially provided the familiar element of “I should have known this was coming.”

But then last week, what seemed to be accustomed to these things was thrown out of the window due to further reductions. The name is amazing, as expected (I felt like WWE was trying hard to find out what to do with Murphy, but I didn’t think WWE knew what to do with Murphy at all). Things (I think Naomi and Lana will somehow become female tag champions within the next 6 to 8 weeks, but with Lana gone, it’s clearly off the table.

As I said before, it’s never a good thing for a person to lose a job. And anyone who thinks these dismissals should be hidden by celebrities or money should glue their lips because it’s nonsense. Even if you’re working on a card, people The uncertainty of unemployment is real, even if you are guiding you to your seat.

With that in mind, there was one name in the list of cuts that I think is figuratively and literally better than the other cuts.

Strawman squash

Braun Strowman

His case is as interesting as today’s professional wrestling. You’ll never forget when you attended Raw taping in Pittsburgh a few years ago, and Straumann left the Wyatt family only recently. WWE called him a monster. Although it was positioned, the art of squash match was revived for the first time. He came out. Crushed a local man. Got his victory. Marched back.

I was in awe. I was also excited. Long ago, WWE stopped building someone from scratch using squash matches on TV on a regular basis. It’s an old wrestling trophy that I really love. Yokozuna was bigger than life by the time I met Bret Hart and Hulk Hogan. This approach is always simple, but it works for me. And it’s rarely seen now.

That changed with Straumann. In fact, when he raised the card one or two steps, he really felt like he was on the move. Remember that these were the days of Brock Lesnar (yes, doesn’t it look like decades ago?). Lesnar was a WWE monster monster, especially after his success in the UFC. It seemed impossible to see anyone become a viable challenger to Lesnar.

But here Straumann came in and was removed from the Wyatt Family gimmick and into full bad mode. He seemed intimidating and regained the value of Powerslam. This was a prototype of what Vince McMahon loved by anyone around him. Straumann felt unprepared for success.

But then …

Not his time

Then it didn’t happen.

Or, at least, it didn’t happen the way everyone expected. At SummerSlam 2017, Straumann defeated the living hell from Lesnar as part of the Universal Title Fatal 4-Way. It was amazing. No, really. That’s just one word. It’s amazing. Strowman arranged Lesnar on several tables, and Lesnar sold it like a million dollars. This was Strowman’s coming out party. Did it have to be?

I don’t think so because Roman Reigns robbed Lesnar of the title that night, but the month after Straumann received a one-on-one title match with Lesnar, everything was lost. I was never told. Wait a minute. Oops. No. Lesnar drove Straumann to the F-5, but the momentum and goodwill that Straumann had accumulated over the past few months seemed to disappear almost immediately.

From there it was like purgatory and was never a good place in WWE. Some felt like the beginning and some felt like the end. He recorded the highest number of removals ever in an Elimination Chamber match, but also lost to Roman Reigns. He finally won the title … but that title was lined up with a 13-year-old player named Nicholas, and of course they had to abandon the tag title the next night. I won my first Greatest Royal Rumble match and a Money in the Bank deal, but I couldn’t successfully redeem it.

It’s hard to miss … Well, maybe it was a mistake? This is a testament to WWE’s inconsistent, sporadic, and almost unfair practice. At some level, Straumann felt protected, but not always. They didn’t want to give him up, but they didn’t even trigger him in a meaningful way. Remember: This is the person the company trusted in celebrities such as Colin Jost, Michael Che and Tyson Fury. Still, they couldn’t even allow him to successfully monetize under a money in the bank contract.

However, after that, a pandemic of COVID-19 occurred. And Roman Reigns decided to stay home for a while. And the legend with the title wanted to lose it.

Pandemic empire

WrestleMania 36 was the stage, and it was a strange stage. Goldberg, who worked in an empty gym with a huge fan, needed someone to confront Roman Reigns at home because of family and health concerns. Enter Straumann where nothing else happened. But after a fateful night in Orlando, Straumann finally got a worthy belt four years ago. problem? This was a pandemic. And all forms of entertainment have flipped their heads in different ways.

Then there was a Swamp Fight and a Falls Count match, and finally he held for 141 days before dropping the belt to his former stable companion, Bray Wyatt, which happened in SummerSlam in 2020 and then on payback. Straumann robbed the returning Rains of a pin and has been holding the belt ever since.

Then what? He appeared in Raw Underground, whatever it was. He participated in the final mix at this year’s Royal Rumble and, above all, was the one who saw him working with Shane McMahon at this year’s WrestleMania. You are working with McMahon and it is done in WrestleMania so you can be in a politically advantageous place. And in this case, he was even the one who gave the anti-bullying message that WWE sometimes doesn’t like to advertise.

Oh, and less than a month later, at WrestleMania Backlash, he was in a WWE Championship match. And of course, that leads us to one simple yet very important question …

What was done

what the hell?

No, but really.

what the hell?

Braun Strowman’s professional wrestling career has been one of the most fascinating since he first began training in 2013. Don’t forget the clip that he became Rosebud in the Adam Rose clan about seven years ago. This happened after he played professionally in the Strongman competition and, in my understanding, was a ridiculous softball player. He is big, but athletic, unique but clear.

In fact, it may be the last combination that turned out to be overkill for North Carolina. Straumann had intangible assets that he couldn’t teach, especially tall, but he also always felt like a WWE product. To be fair, it’s probably because he was a WWE product — a guy who fits something well, a guy who lacked the edge of a guy who worked for indie for 10 years, one high school at a time. I got 3 fans at my gym. , And after hard work and patience led him, he eventually reached the big league.

That doesn’t mean that Straumann has never worked hard. Watch his episode on WWE Chronicle. There is clear sympathy he guarantees when he is allowed to open his heart. If you remember, the episode outlines how he experienced the fight against mental health in the past, and the story of how he won the WrestleMania title is this guy. Undoubtedly proves that he cares about his technique.

This leads to speculation as to why it didn’t really work. Or, once again, I worked in a way that everyone seemed to work to correct myself. Can he be a better promo? Okay. Did he always feel that he was 100% connected to his fans in every way the wrestler was asked to connect with his fans? No, was he the victim of a suspicious booking? think.

But in the end, the only real conclusion I draw myself is that Braun Strowman is better suited to WWE. You can give me all the budget cut excuses you want, and you’re probably right. But at SummerSlam in 2017, he completely wiped out Brock Lesnar in the first part of the Fatal 4-Way. Remember the time. Really. But wow.

And what if they were triggering him? Did it establish him as a homely name that could withstand the start and stop that WWE gave him over the years? In Vince’s eyes, he couldn’t touch the creative team and the company Was Straumann off limits to cut, even when trying to save some money?

These are questions for which we do not know the answer. And that’s a shame.

What’s next?

So what do you do? Well, as was the infamous debate last week, Straumann isn’t that long ago that he’ll never work for another wrestling company. I’m still not sure if it’s standing. On the other hand, I could actually see him sitting until WWE called again. On the contrary … In other words, don’t you want to work?

If so, his options are somewhat limited. Other than Lance Archer, AEW no longer has a huge wrestling player on the roster (Paul Wight and Mark Henry comment with their coaches — or they say so). The question of whether the Straumann fits naturally is certainly interesting. New Japan may make him an even bigger monster than WWE four years ago, but does he want to go to Japan? Then there’s Impact Wrestling, and maybe he’s a former Big Cass W You will be able to work with Morissy. Or maybe I could overemphasize the big guys together and rebrand myself in a way that doesn’t limit who works with me in the ring.

In any case, Straumann turns 38 in September, and many wrestlers will wrestle at a high level in the second half of their lives, but 38 is far from 28. In addition, for those born and raised in WWE, some learning curves if Straumann started and wants to be part of what has become a kind of wild west among other promotions as companies exchange wrestlers daily. There may be.

As far as I’m concerned, I can’t say that his fans like it that much. It’s not him or anything. Unless he was involved in something of particular interest, I shrugged at what I saw (apart from Nicholas, for some reason I’m vulnerable to it, yes, sue me ). When it came to his career and how all this ended after Wednesday, it was intriguing what would happen next to the actual Adam Sher.

why? For Brown Strowman, things shouldn’t have ended this way, if WWE wants to believe that WWE has grown and that comes with a lot of things. Only time can tell if wrestling is just the starting point for something else in his life, but if not, if wrestling is swimming fiercely in his blood, he The future of can be the most wonderful. Don’t miss what this business will see in the next few years.

Or, well, as long as he avoids fighting in the swamps, that is.

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Monday in McGuire: Braun Strowman and WWE’s Strange Case Monday in McGuire: Braun Strowman and WWE’s Strange Case

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