Mondo releases Silver Shamrock Tiki Mug Set

MondoShop.com Is accepting pre-orders for a stacking tiki mug set consisting of three mugs designed to look like a deadly silver shamrock mask from Halloween III: Witch Season (look here).Former black sheep Halloween Franchise, Halloween III It’s becoming more and more popular year by year, so I think many fans want to buy a Tiki mug that they want to use for the Halloween season and Halloween parties. The mug is May 2022, But that means you should get them with plenty of time before the next Halloween.

You can see some pictures of mugs below, and there are many more pictures MondoShop.com..

The official description is as follows:

There are three of the best, and this is no exception. HALLOWEEN III: With a love for SEASON OF THE WITCH, it comes with a stackable Tiki Mugs set for every witch, every skeleton and every Jack O Lantern. increase.

Manufactured by Tiki Farm buddies, these mugs are a great way to celebrate Samhain.

Note: These mugs are handmade and each is unique and may differ slightly from the images shown.

Alan Hines
Tim Wolweber
Tufan Cesar

NS Halloween III: Witch Season The Stacking Tiki Mug Set will go for $ 100.

Written and directed by Tommy Lee Wallace (Nigel Kneale wrote the first draft of the script but wanted to exclude his name from credit), Halloween III It has the following overview.

Dr. Daniel “Dan” Charis, the hospital’s emergency room, and Erie Grimbridge, the daughter of the murder victim, are madmen planning a Halloween mass murder using ancient Celtic rituals. Uncover a horrifying plot by Conal Cochrane, a mask maker in a small town. This ritual includes rocks stolen from Stonehenge, the use of silver shamrock masks, and the trigger device included in television commercials. All of these are designed to kill millions of children.

Tom Atkins, Stacey Nerkin, Dan O’Harry Star.

Halloween III Mondo Tiki

Mondo releases Silver Shamrock Tiki Mug Set

https://www.joblo.com/halloween-iii-mondo-silver-shamrock-tiki/ Mondo releases Silver Shamrock Tiki Mug Set

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