Monetary: A quest for truth that uncovers dark plots this summer

One of my favorite games in the last few years is the Tripwire Interactive Maneater game. There is a reason. Our review called it “bloody brilliant” – The world’s first shARkPG where we had a chance to become king of the sea. Now, with Tripwire’s announcement of Maneater: Truth Quest, it’s time to extend the original content.

Maneater: Truth Quest, coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PS4, PS5, and PC later this summer, is a downloadable content add-on for the original game and an award-winning game with a previous story. Pick up an action RPG. gave up.

It gives you the opportunity to replay your role as an ever-evolving bull shark. With Chris Parnell taking on the role of Trip Westhaven in investigative journalism, Truth Quest appears to be ready to take what was originally offered and get the most out of things. It takes the player into a rabbit hole of dark secrets and plots surrounding Port Clovis and the Navy Wildlife Organization (NWO). As you know, the original story of animals wearing bone-like armor, releasing meat-eating toxins, and using electricity as a weapon was simply the story of an old fisherman. Conspiracy theorists have now pointed out the original maneater everywhere as solid evidence of government cover-ups. Driven to the brink of madness, Trip Westhaven launches the ViewTube channel “TruthQuest” and takes his follower “Questers” into the deep sea to uncover the dark secrets behind the whales in this story. I will.

“The team is working hard on the development of Maneater: Truth Quest and we are pleased to announce the first details of the downloadable content that many fans are looking for,” said creative director Sean McBride. Tripwire Interactive.. “We aim to offer more of what players loved from their original maneaters, grow bigger, explore a whole new area off the coast of Port Clovis, and further evolve their tools of destruction. Inspired by the story of Scaly Pete’s father’s “Gub’ment Experiments,” we started from a break, joined Trip Westhaven, and ate, explored, and evolved these unknown seas with conspiracy. Take part in a shark journey down the rabbit hole of military concealment. “

Maneater: Truth Quest DLC creates two new episodes and a whole new region. Both are packed with new evolutions, challenges, wildlife and more. Here again we control the apex predators of the ocean and eat, explore and evolve to reach the top of the food chain. Some of the features are:

New evolution set:

  • Maximum level cap increased to 40
  • Evolution of 5 new organs with 1 additional organ slot unlocked at level 40
  • Increased maximum shark size

New wildlife:

  • New “Uber” Apex Predator
  • Newly evolved hunt creature

New Army for Bounty Hunter System:

  • Army army launches attacks from beaches and fortresses
  • Helicopter hunts in the air
  • 5 new bounty bosses
  • New weapons and vehicles for military bounty hunters

New purpose type:

  • Communication failure: tail whip the object to destroy the target’s purpose
  • Time Trial: Swim the ring before time runs out!

To enjoy Truth Quest DLC, you need a very good copy of Maneater. Favorite digital store If you have never been there before. From there, expect to pay something in the range of $ 14.99 / € 14.99 / £ 12.99 once the DLC is available. We will let you know when the release date is known. For now, give the trailer a watch …

Maneater: Truth Quest to expose dark conspiracies and more this summer

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