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UFC Heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou He claims his broken relationship, and the ongoing contractual dispute with the UFC is more than money.

and UFC 270 Last weekend, Ngannou returned to the Octagon for the first time since March last year, and a cloud of great uncertainty looms over his future. The defeat may have spelled out the end of his time in the UFC and sent him to a free agent.

apart from Successful defeat of former teammate Ciryl Gane And holding his belt, the cloud of uncertainty turned grayer and filled with more questions. In recent interviews, some of them are pouring into the MMA community.

Ngannou: UFC Locks Fighters In Captivity

Promotions have been criticized for several reasons since the first pay-per-view of the year.First and foremost Absence of Dana White from both the Octagon after the main event and the post-war press conference..

While he suggested Before the event, there was a “good conversation” between him and Ngannou.White’s actions at its peak firmly suggest that everything certainly doesn’t work.

The UFC was still exposed to anti-aircraft guns after the wallet of fighters fighting in the UFC 270 was revealed. This number, later confirmed by Ngannou, revealed that “The Predator” had escaped for $ 600,000. This is an amount that has confused some fans and experts.

However As his manager Markel Martin mentioned earlier, Ngannou says it’s not a matter of money. If so, the Cameroonians claim to have had a large total of offers that he would have been able to accept.

“Even when they were trying to reach out for a deal, they came out for a fair amount of money, but at this point it doesn’t matter. I left it all on the table,” Ngannou said. To Ariel Helwani MMA hour.. “I’m receiving $ 600,000. I went there, did this and won everything. I left a lot more at the table. Overall, I’ve been since the Battle of Stipe (Miocic). Has left a lot of money on the table. By now, I may reduce the $ 7 million I left on the table, but I’m still fighting for what I care about, so I’m happy with the $ 600,000. “

He admitted that the offer was fascinating, but Ngannou argued that his tattered and hurt relationship with promotion could not be corrected. In the eyes of the heavyweight king, the fight at the UFC is a form of captivity, a feeling he shared after the weekend fight. When he insists he doesn’t feel like a “free man”.

As others have had in the past, Cameroonians have raised the need for medical insurance and sought to clarify the contract in terms of whether the athlete is an employee or an independent contractor. I did.

“Money was fascinating and good, but it’s not just money. Money alone can’t solve this situation,” Ngannou added. “I don’t believe it. For the duration of the contract, everything they put in, they capture you. You can’t do anything. You have no rights.”

“The contract is one-sided, but there’s nothing yet. You don’t even have health insurance, even while you put your body on the line to put it on the show.

“You are putting everything at risk. There are many. There is no insurance. Nothing. There is no guarantee that I understand as an independent contractor, but if I do, treat it that way. Please be very clear in the contract whether I will be an employee or an independent contractor. It’s very confusing. That’s probably what I hated most about this, they Is the power to just destroy you, how to hold all the cards. As soon as you don’t say yes, they just drop you down. That’s something I have a problem with. Yes, I can’t accept it, “Ngannou concludes. ((((h / t Fox Sports).

When His desire for boxing to be possible in the near futureThere seem to be some areas that the two parties have to resolve before Ngannou signs the dotted line again.

No one knows what will happen in the coming months, but it seems more and more likely that he saw Ngannou finally throwing his hand at the Octagon.

If he chooses to abandon the rest of his contract, perhaps his long-desired transition to boxing will be waiting for him in 2023, and perhaps. “Gipsy Kings” date of ring with Tyson Fury..

What do you think of the ongoing contractual dispute between Francis Ngannou and the UFC?

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“Money can’t fix this situation” “Money can’t fix this situation”

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