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Money has revamped its website

Mike AyersThe Editor-in-Chief of Money magazine writes about the overhauled website.

Ayers said: “This aesthetic design choice has also been implemented in the page layout of articles. Readers have a magazine-style drop cap at the beginning of each article, and a clean, clean way to provide the information people need without distraction. You will be greeted by a column.

“When readers experience their favorite articles, the details woven throughout the site stand out. Some are very obvious, like the use of coins. Like the running security lines that exist on real dollar bills. And there are more subtleties. We call these money “waves of wealth.” It is inspired by the language of banknotes and the renewable energy curve. They are designed to reassure readers of the decline and flow of their financial journey.

“The new look and feel of money is the latest strategic investment in the brand that positions us over the next 50 years. In addition to delivering the latest news daily, we are expanding our resources with a number of new tools and Added a guide. monthly Helps everyone make wise and knowledgeable decisions. “

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Money has revamped its website Money has revamped its website

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