Monster Energy Supercross-Official Video Game 4 Trailer, Screenshots and Details-Release Date Set March 11

Milestone and Feld Entertainment have announced Monster Energy Supercross-Official Video Game 4. Realistic super cross video games are PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Windows PC / STEAM, and Google Study. The game is a faithful representation of the 2020 Monster Energy Supercross season, which includes all 11 stadiums and 17 tracks, including 7 variations of Salt Lake City.

The franchise’s first, entirely new career mode structure allows players to start their passes from Supercross Futures and climb the ladder to reach the 250SX and 450SX categories. Here you have to challenge the largest number of professional riders ever. Franchise history. In the new career mode, each rider’s performance is affected by skills that can be upgraded and managed thanks to the new skill tree system. Skill points are earned for racing, attending special events, completing training, and completing journals. A journal is a series of special purposes that show who is the best.

Inspired by the beautiful scenery of Maine, the new compound is a place to roam freely in solo and co-op game modes and compete with your friends on the many tracks available.There are many challenges and collections to discover

The Track Editor is back with more customization modules created directly from the 2020 official tracks. New cosmetic customization options to express creativity and enhance realism include Tuff Blox, Starting Gate construction, Finish Line construction and Leader Pillars.

As always, the franchise allows players to customize their rider with a great deal of content, thanks to over 110 official brands that customize the look and performance of both riders and bikes. Online mode also guarantees a lag-free and engaging multiplayer experience, thanks to a dedicated server and race director mode.

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