Monster Harvest Gameplay-Nintendo Everything

Grow, collect, mutate and get ready to take part in the battle! Monster Harvest blends RPG mechanics, exploration and action throughout the vibrant world of Planimal Point, with numerous areas to discover, create and build your own farms and homes.

From mutating crops into several different variations to participate in battle, to collecting a wealth of Planimal companions to help you fight enemies and explore the world, Monster Harvest varies into a bright and colorful world. Bring the element! Meet new characters, visit town shops, explore dangerous caves and discover new mountains!

Three unique seasonal adventures where strange weather and seasons can affect your way of playing by changing what you can grow-a strange sudden of dark seasons that can dominate the land Watch out for mutations!

There are several different ways to build and customize the best farms in Monster Harvest! Create and place dozens of items and create craftsmanship items to take your farm to the next level! Unlock irrigation pipes, pickers, and more to turn your freshly harvested crop into a marketable product.

Main functions

A farm with mutants! Use magical slime to mutate farm-grown crops.
Collectable Planimal Companion! Some slimes mutate your crop into Planimals!
Three unique seasons: dry, wet and dark – strange weather and seasons change what players can grow.
Step into the town of Planimal Point and discover the people and creatures that live there.
Make and put dozens of items on your farm!

Doraemon Story Season
Let’s farm together
Mid-autumn moon
Little wood
My time at Portia
Stranded Sails: Cursed Islands Explorer
Travelers Rest

Monster Harvest Gameplay-Nintendo Everything

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