Monster Hunter Club RPG is now available

January 5, 2021 by Polar_Bear

Strange things are happening in Gulf Haven, and adults seem to be collusion or unaware of it. So it’s up to the teenage population in a small town to understand that.That’s what’s happening Monster Hunter Club, Now available using Savage World system. You can now get your copy.

From the website:

Something strange is happening in the town of Gulf Haven. Horrible creatures are coming back to life. Adults don’t seem to know the whole thing. It’s up to you to find out what’s going on and stop it before it’s too late!

I grew up in the 1980s …

Saturday morning cartoons, tree forts, boomboxes, high-speed bicycles and more.

The monster is real.

You heard my voice.

Don’t bother telling your parents. Adults cannot see them. They blame us when something is broken. When someone goes missing, they blame someone, or perhaps a Russian, from outside the town. But monsters are real and it’s up to us to do anything about it.

Yes, dodge bullies like my sister’s babysitter, Chet Paxton, and have to figure out how to solve the monster problem before surviving junior high school.

You can’t call home and no one can call you. It’s up to you to save the city, and perhaps the world!

In this book you will find:

  • Detailed and customizable archetype tons
  • New edges and obstacles
  • 4 mysterious backgrounds
  • The town of Gulf Haven, Alabama, which appeared in the mid-1980s
  • Complete plot point campaign with savage stories
  • Adventure generator
  • Setting rules to help capture the mood of 80’s kids adventure movies

Note: You need the Savage Worlds Rulebook to use this product.


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